Rush Limbaugh Hopes that Hurricane Isaac Kills Poor Black Democrats

Rush Limbaugh hoped today that Hurricane Isaac kills lots of poor Democrats in New Orleans, so that Louisiana can become a more Republican state.

Here’s the audio from Media Matters:

Transcript from Rush Limbaugh:

RUSH: Yeah, he’s “getting chills thinking about it,” thinking about what we can do to the Republican convention! “I’m getting chills thinking about it!” Now, if you missed the first hour, I, of course, Mr. Solution, El Rushbo, suggested that the Republicans head off some of this criticism that they know is coming their way by doing two things. First thing is send 500 bus drivers to New Orleans right now. Because, remember, it was Mayor Nagin of New Orleans who didn’t mobilize the buses to help evacuate the poor citizens.

Bush got blamed for it, of course, but it was the mayor who didn’t activate the buses. So we send 500 bus drivers in. The second thing we do: Instead of sending sandbags to shore up these levees, which have ostensibly been repaired since Katrina, we send in bags of money! We send in bags of money delivered by Mitt Romney’s sons. And we take those bags of money down to those levees.

We maybe even set one bag on fire just to show ’em we’re Republicans. This will accomplish a couple things. A, it’ll show we care. “We have sent money directly to New Orleans, in bags at the levees.” The second thing that will happen is that citizens in New Orleans, when they find out there’s money in those bags, will head down there and try to steal the bags, steal the money, at which time the levees will fail because the bags are being taken away.

And more destruction, damage, and injury. In the process, the Republicans succeed in having fewer Democrat voters in Louisiana again. Just like they did with Hurricane Katrina. And everybody knows that was the point. Steer Katrina in there; wipe out New Orleans. Have the people that survive go to Texas and take Democrats away from Louisiana and make it not a Democrat state. That’s what the media told us Republicans did with Katrina. So relive it.

Those are my ideas.

I don’t expect them to be acted upon.

But using bags of money would be cheaper than giving taxpayer dollars to the local Democrats who have been in charge of the levees, because that money has just ended up in the back pockets of the Democrats and didn’t go to levee repair. They used the money to buy votes, or in the case of William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana) he just put the money in his freezer.

Let’s get one thing straight right off the top. By poor Democrats, Rush Limbaugh means black people. As we all know in Republican land, white people don’t steal or use welfare, so of course Rush is talking about people of color who vote Democrat.

I wonder if the Romney campaign is taking their cues for Limbaugh, or if Rush is being a team player and carrying out the Romney plan?

If there was any uncertainty about the racial component of Limbaugh’s plan consider that the person he used as an example of a thief was former African-American congressman William Jefferson. It makes it pretty obvious where Limbaugh was going with this.

The fact that Limbaugh has to hope that African Americans get displaced by a hurricane is a subconscious admission that even he understands that the only way the Republican Party can gain a foothold in state is to marginalize or remove those who would vote against them.

Republicans have given up on trying to get voters to support them. They would rather remove African-Americans, young people, the poor, and minorities from the electoral process apparently, by any means necessary.

Rush Limbaugh took it to a new extreme by hoping that black people die in the hurricane, but he was only echoing the mentality of his own party. The Republican Party’s big tent has been replaced by a burning cross, and the message that minorities and the poor are not welcome in the GOP.

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