RNC Attendees Throw Nuts at African American Camerwoman While Calling Her an Animal

The rebranding of the Republican Party and Mitt Romney took a hit last night, when the party of “who’s a racist, not us!” threw nuts at a CNN African American camerawoman and said “This is how we feed animals!”

Because multiple people witnessed the exchange, the two people responsible for the nut throwing were “removed” from the Tampa Bay Times Forum. But why? Aren’t they simply acting on the “welfare/birther” sentiments of their awkward and weird leader?

David Shuster was the first to report on the incident last night via Twitter and Talking Points Memo confirmed it with CNN and was first to write it. TPM points out this morning that CNN is in a tough situation, because of their attempts to brand themselves as the “middle”.

I was unaware that CNN was going for the middle these days, after hiring Tea Party radical haters of pretty much everyone except white conservatives, Dana Loesch and Erick Erickson. But okay.

When you chase after tea, you can’t be surprised when you end up with racist nuts.

After all, some people might say (heh) that the nut throwing at the “animals” could be directly traced to the bigoted rhetoric of Dana Loesch, who is only mimicking her leaders. However, we were assured by the media that the Republican Party is not whistling Dixie, after Chris Matthews called Romney’s racism out to much indignant squealing from the Right.

This is how Mitt Romney intends to lead a country of immigrants — from behind the bigots, with ugly nods to the Southern Strategy and obsequious bows to the birthers in his party.

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