Mitt Romney Blows Off Fox News and Watches GOP Convention on C-SPAN

Mitt Romney proved once again that he is not really good at this being a Republican thing, as his personal aide tweeted a pic of him watching the RNC convention on C-SPAN, not Fox News.

Here is the pic from Mitt’s Body Man:

It is okay, Mitt. You could have watched Fox News. They booted Sarah Palin off of the convention coverage for you. For a candidate that has some serious credibility issues with conservatives, Mitt Romney excels at making things worse. While vice president, Dick Cheney required all television sets in his presence to be turned on to Fox News.

In 2008, John McCain and Sarah Palin kept their televisions tuned in to FNC. Fox News is the only cable channel for news if you are a Republican. Maybe Mitt was watching C-SPAN because he doesn’t like commercials?

The picture was posted 38 minutes before Romney took the stage for his acceptance speech. A more likely explanation is that he was watching C-SPAN because they provide uninterrupted coverage without all the talking heads and pundits.

The Romney camp may have wanted to keep their guy’s head clear. They didn’t want to take the risk of Sean Hannity showing up on the screen and offering Romney some last second advice like, “talk about Obama’s birth certificate and college transcripts. That’s what America wants to hear.”

Mitt Romney has spent oodles of the courting Fox News. In fact, Fox is his media refuge of choice when he needs to go somewhere and just feel loved. What other network would let Mitt make buttermilk pancakes on a Sunday morning?

If Romney wants to be taken seriously as a conservative, he needs to turn off the nerds on C-SPAN with their policies and facts, and watch nothing but Fox News.

Anything less is just “liberal media” brainwashing.

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