Sears Becomes the First Company to Dump Rush Limbaugh Twice

Hey, where’d my advertisers go?

Sears has made Rush Limbaugh a two time loser by putting out a second statement announcing that they have pulled their ads from his show.

After Limbaugh’s Sandra Fluke comments Sears tweeted this statement, “Sears and Kmart did not intentionally advertise on the Rush Limbaugh show. Sears Holdings has taken actions to ensure our ads do not run on this show. We appreciate our customers, fans and followers and thank you for your business.”

Sears responded to a tweet about their continued advertising on Limbaugh’s show with this statement, “Sears Holdings has taken actions to ensure our ads do not run on this show. We appreciate our customers and thank you for your feedback.”


Their response was word for word taken from their first statement in March, but you’ll notice that this time they didn’t bother with the sorry it was an accident stuff. They just stressed that Limbaugh has been dumped. Sears originally was listed as the tenth advertiser to drop Limbaugh, but there has been some confusion over whether or not they actually followed through on their March statement.

Sears claims they dropped Limbaugh months ago, but StopRush still listed them as advertising either directly or indirectly on his show. This is why it is important not to just take an advertiser’s word for it when they say they have dumped Limbaugh. Follow up and keep the pressure on until there are no more ads from that advertiser on his program.

Never buy the unintentional ad placement excuse, because advertisers can specify when and where they don’t want their ads to run. Any advertiser who gives you the “oops it was accident excuse” thinks that you don’t know better, and they must be made fully aware that they can assert control over their ad placement if they choose to do so.

Boycotts and protests don’t work unless people are paying attention. Make the message stick. If you hear an ad from an advertiser who has stated that they are no longer advertising on Limbaugh, make your voice heard. It is important that these advertisers know that the boycott isn’t going away, and they won’t be allowed to sneak back on to Limbaugh’s show through the backdoor.

Rush Limbaugh, his syndicator, and the radio stations who carry his show are losing millions of dollars. The Limbaugh advertiser boycott is sending shock waves through the talk radio industry. A lot of people who are losing a lot of money would like to make the boycotters go away.

This is why Americans must stand tall, be vigilant, and make sure that Sears really does stop advertising on Rush Limbaugh’s show.

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