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Rush Limbaugh Calls Romney’s Libya Disaster a Media Conspiracy to Protect Obama

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 02:22 am

In his desperation to defend Mitt Romney’s botched Libya comments, Rush Limbaugh has devised a wild conspiracy theory that claims the media is trying to protect Obama by blaming Romney.

Limbaugh went on a long winded rant where he rearranged the facts and timeline in order to defend Romney, and then he unveiled his media conspiracy theory.

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Transcript via Rush Limbaugh:

How would you like to be a Copt Christian in Egypt, Cairo, and see what happened yesterday? The US embassy can’t even protect itself. How’s it gonna protect you? And then you go over to Libya and you find the US embassy there. The consulate can’t protect itself. And after all this happens, guess who the bad guy is? Mitt Romney, who is the only guy that looked presidential in all of this, who had the guts to go out and characterize this statement from the embassy accurately. And the media is now saying that Romney jumped the gun, launched a political attack before the facts of the embassy violence were known, and then issues a vague foreign policy vision.

Romney took questions today. I was told that there was an open mic and that the media at the Romney event could be heard coordinating their attack questions for him. But we can’t find it. We’ve looked everywhere. I’ve been told it aired someplace, but we cannot find it. I wish we could. I would love to be able to play that for you, but we can’t find ’em, the media actually coordinating their questions for Romney. It was the same question over and over: “Do you think you jumped the gun? Do you think you jumped the gun? How do you feel about jumping the gun? Why did you want to jump the gun? Have you jumped the gun on this, do you think? Are you speaking out too soon? Don’t you think you should shut up? I mean, you’re not the president. Politics ends at the water’s edge.” All of that stuff.

So it’s a full-court press to protect Obama. And I guarantee you, these people full well understand that this is incompetence on parade. But they don’t care, because the bigger enemy to these people is us, folks. You and I, conservatives, slash, Republicans, are a greater threat to them and their power than Al-Qaeda, a bunch of protesters in Egypt or Libya. We pose a much greater threat. Romney just can’t win. It can’t happen. It cannot be allowed to happen. Obama cannot lose. It doesn’t matter what he does to the economy. It doesn’t matter that we’re gonna financially implode in 18 months, two years, financially collapse. It doesn’t matter. We can’t lose. We cannot have the Republicans in charge. We just can’t. They don’t even know why. They just hate us. They don’t even substantively know why, other than they think we’re all about social issues and judging them and their immorality, which is the way they look at it.

Anytime the media covers Romney’s bungles, gaffes, misjudgements, and generally mismanaged campaign, they are being biased. In the eyes of the right, the media is only being fair when they bash Obama. The fact of the matter is that Romney may have mortally wounded his presidential ambitions today by not being able to put country first.

It is no surprise that the conservative media is defending Romney today. What Mitt Romney did is exactly what they have been calling for. Last night, Bill O’Reilly and Sarah Palin were on Fox News urging Romney to get more aggressive and personally attack the president. Well, Romney took their advice and it has nearly destroyed his presidential campaign.

Limbaugh wants to blame the media for his own candidate’s strategic shortcomings. Somebody needs remind the right that attacking the president immediately after the murder of a diplomat by terrorists makes them look petty and partisan, not presidential.

The blame for Mitt Romney’s latest disaster falls solely on the shoulders of the Republican Party. It was the GOP who held their noses and nominated an odd candidate with fatal flaws that were obvious during the primary season. It was the Republican Party who arrogantly and falsely believed that anyone they nominated could defeat Obama. This deeply flawed arrogance allowed Republicans put Mitt Romney in position to destroy their party. The media didn’t nominate this walking disaster of a nominee. That’s all on the Republican Party.

Just like Romney, Rush Limbaugh is the typical conservative who can’t take responsibility for anything. When things go wrong it is always the fault of others. Limbaugh can try to blame the media, but the truth is that they only have themselves to blame for nominating that pillar of incompetence known as W. Mitt Romney.

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