Sarah Palin Claims Innocence of Muslims Video Doesn’t Really Exist

Last updated on February 9th, 2013 at 01:33 am

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In a desperate attempt to blame President Obama for the violence in the Middle East, Sarah Palin claimed that the Innocence of Muslims is a phantom video.

Here is the video of Palin on Hannity via Fox News:

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Transcript via Fox News:

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: We are putting this administration and their reaction in the Mideast under scrutiny. Now, this is the same administration that coined the term overseas contingency operation, and they were referring to man-caused disasters, if you remember those words, when talking about acts of terror. They now appear to be buying into a narrative that the trailer for a low-budget anti-Muslim film is actually responsible for the chaos in the streets in the Middle East, hence their apology yesterday. Yet again today, before taking the time to condemn the ongoing violence or the death of the U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, chose instead to rant about a phantom movie that may or may not exist. Watch this.


HILLARY CLINTON, SECRETARY OF STATE: The United States government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. We absolutely reject its content and message.

This video is disgusting and reprehensible. It appears to have a deeply cynical purpose, to denigrate a great religion and to provoke rage.


HANNITY: Now, keep in mind, her movie critique came before she bothered to denounce the widespread vandalism, the arson, the gunfire, the Molotov cocktails that are being directed at U.S. interests abroad.

Now sadly, both what she and the president failed to recognize is the fact that the radical Islamists who are seeing protesting right there on that screen, they are not reacting to some movie. They haven’t even seen this movie. These are anti-American extremists who are hell-bent on the destruction of this country. They are burning our flag, they are chanting “Death to America” and they even spray-painted the name Usama bin Laden on the entrance to our embassy in Cairo.

And not to even mention the fact that all of this began on the anniversary of September the 11th. Uh, do you not have a clue that this somehow might be connected? Now, I usually ask the question, can you afford four more years when speaking about the economy. But the events of this week, they raise even more red flags about the ability of this president to lead this nation during very difficult times.

Here with more on all of this, Fox News contributor, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Governor, welcome back to the program.

I really have to contain my anger, Governor, because here, our embassy is attacked. Our flag is ripped down. They’re chanting for Usama bin Laden, they’re chanting, no God but Allah, on our property. We give this country $2 billion a year. And then for the first 10 to 16 hours, we go out and apologize? Can you explain that to me?

SARAH PALIN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, Sean. We have to ask ourselves, and I sure wish that reporters would ask our president, how much longer can we afford to spill our blood and treasure, trying to quote/unquote, “promote democracy” in places that do not have any values for a civilized society, values like respecting minorities and women’s rights and independent judiciary and rule of law? How much longer do we now support and fund Sharia democracy?

Now, as for this film, as you mentioned in your intro there, that is a red herring and the media is going along with some in the Obama administration, pretending like this is a protest against some phantom video on YouTube? No. It’s because the Obama administration dropped the ball. And they have not taken head-on this war on terror, and they have adopted a foreign policy of appeasement where our enemies no longer fear us and our friends can no longer trust us.

HANNITY: This is — yes.

PALIN: And the media’s going along with this idea, this false narrative of this video being the cause of this chaos.

The problem for Palin is that the video does exist. It isn’t a phantom video at all. In fact, you can watch it right here. Of course, the video can’t exist because it appears that the people behind the video are extremist right wing Christians, just like Palin herself. This little bit of information has to be overlooked by Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, and Fox News, because how can they blame Obama for this when part of their own base was responsible for the video?

It is not just Sarah Palin. The entire right systemically ignores their responsibility for everything in order to blame Obama. Paul Ryan routinely criticizes Obama for the economy and deficit while ignoring his own role in obstructing the president’s agenda. Mitt Romney has built his entire presidential campaign around blaming Obama.

Any evidence to the contrary is ignored. It is always Obama’s fault.

Sarah Palin’s comments demonstrate how desperate the right has gotten. The wheels have completely come off the Romney campaign, so all they are left with creating a false reality and hoping that America takes a couple of hits of Elephant Acid and comes along for the trip.

Unlike Sarah Palin’s hair the video is real, and the only phantom at work here is the invisible hand of Roger Ailes that is performing CPR on the rapidly expiring Romney campaign.

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