Religious Extremism Breeds Violence and Extremism

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 02:44 am

I personally have no beef with any religion whatsoever. As a matter of fact, as an atheist, I make no bones that a person or a group of people who can use their belief to promote peace and harmony amongst their fellow human being is a good thing. I’ve seen the goodness from Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jewish, Sikh and every religion out there… including people who believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster. As a matter of fact, I don’t mind paying their taxes as many of the religious organization need the tax break to spread the word of their god. And their word? Peace. Yet when extremists battle extremists, I have an issue.

There is a war going on and and like most wars, it’s based upon religion. It’s reminds me of a school-ground battle that led basically to violence. The my-god-is-better-than-your-god mentality caused the death of an ambassador. That ambassador is was Chris Stevens in Libya.

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The cause of death, according to the A.P., was severe asphyxia. Apparently, the smoke in the embassy was so great that the ambassador essentially choked to death.

According to CBS/AP:
(CBS/AP) TRIPOLI, Libya – The Libyan doctor who treated U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens says the diplomat died of severe asphyxiation and that he tried for 90 minutes to revive him.

Ziad Abu Zeid told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Stevens was brought to the Benghazi Medical Center by Libyans the night before, with no other Americans and that initially no one realized he was the ambassador.

Abu Zeid said Stevens had “severe asphyxia,” apparently from smoke inhalation, causing stomach bleeding, but had no other injuries

So no one came in with an AK-47 and shot anyone.

Yet this is evidence that religion plays a major role in the act of violence. The protest stemmed from a video called: “Innocence of Muslims“. The movie depicts the Prophet Mohammed as a pervert and the video is sexually exploitative. The trailer is a bad B-rated-soft-porn and was terribly boring as well as sexist.

Well, this didn’t sit well with the people of the Muslim faith and protests broke out. Now Florida pastor Terry Jones is promoting the film and is exploiting his idea that the Muslim religion is “evil”. Jones also plan to show the 13 minute film at his church further fanning the flame of hatred.

The film may have been funded by a Christian group called Media for Christ. Media for Christ, a Duarte, Calif.-based Christian nonprofit group, applied for the film permit, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported.

According to the:

The Huffington Post
:Though Joseph Nassralla, the president of Media for Christ, emerged as a force behind the anti-Muslim film, the organization said it had nothing to do with the project and was upset by its content, according to the L.A. Times. Nassralla has reportedly devoted himself to criticizing Islam in speeches and interviews during recent years. FilmL.A. Inc. confirmed that “The Innocence of Muslims” was shot in the California county last August, but that the studio did not know the details of the film.


Yet I would bet dollars-to-doughnuts that Nassralla would be offended if someone made a Chocolate Jesus and display it on Good Friday. The creator of the Chocolate Jesus: My Sweet Lord, Cosimo Cavallaro, basically fell off the face of the earth after…The Roger Smith hotel closed the gallery after several angry phone calls and e-mails about the exhibit. Matt Semler, the former gallery’s creative director said the calls included death threats over the work of artist Cavallaro.

Death threats from Christians? The religion of peace who claims that the Muslim religion is a religion of violence? Pot meet kettle. So now, both religious extremists are in tuned with violence and the desire to prove who’s is more manly is off to a good start. Granted there are extremists in both beliefs, but to typecast one group without looking into oneself is purely hypocritical.

To quote the Christian god:

Matthew 7vs5: “You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

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