A Desperate Romney Puts Out Late Night Statement Confirming He Hates the 47%

Last updated on September 19th, 2012 at 12:17 am

Well, you were wondering how Mr. Fix It was going to etch-a-sketch out of his dripping disdain debacle (turns out he hates 47 percent of Americans) today, and the answer is, he isn’t going to. Mitt Romney is doubling down and rebranding this fulsome turd as a “focus on the people in the middle”, because apparently Mitt Romney thinks that Americans hate other Americans as much as his base hates their fellow Americans.

Happily for America, this is not true. Hatred and resentment of our fellow Americans is contained within the toxic echo chambers of the Right wing.

Watch here via Daily Beast:

Romney’s response (this guy ran businesses? Really? No- he was a parasite living off of killing other people’s businesses — no wonder he can’t handle PR) was that he hoped they would put out the full video (implying that he had been Breitbarted?) and that what he said was “not elegantly stated” and was “spoken off the cuff.” However, there is no way he’s backing down from his attack on Obama and Obama supporters. He stands by his misguided idea that Obama is “attractive to people who are not paying taxes.”

This of course makes no sense as Romney appears to be one of those people who pays little to no taxes. Certainly he’s gotten billions from the government to assist him with various ventures, not to mention the bankruptcies he engaged in as a matter of business, that left the vendors unpaid after he paid himself and his investors. Anyone who’s getting a tax deduction for their dressage horse that is more than most American families make should probably hush up about people not paying taxes… Just sayin’.

Romney’s slur of Obama and his supporters (and in reality, mostly Romney’s own “base” such as it is) has not been repaired by this lame statement. Not even a wee little bit. But that’s the pickle Romney finds himself in – he has to cater to the Tea Party’s taste for Randian cruelty and he can’t back down because he’s a Republican, and you know they are never wrong, even when they’re really super wrong – they are never wrong.

So even though he said that Americans who don’t pay taxes or are Obama supporters are basically not entitled to food, shelter or healthcare-– meaning that he thinks our grandparents, students, too often our troops, our veterans, children, the disabled — none of these people deserve food. That’s Mitt Romney’s world, and he’s standing by it tonight. Booyah.

Even more oddly, Romney said these comments were indicative of his campaign’s effort to “focus on the people in the middle.” That’s so Romney: A lie (it’s not accurate to say that 47% of Americans do not pay taxes) based upon a false premise, spun with the fallow effort of someone who has been brain washed by watching Fox News for way too long.

Only someone who watches Fox News could believe that the middle of this country hates their grandparents, starving children, our veterans, our troops, students and the disabled.

Those of us who live in reality know that Mitt Romney thought he was dissing Obama supporters, but in reality, he was dissing red states — aka, his base. The fact that red states pay the least amount of taxes won’t filter into the Fox mind, where they are het up with hatred for the lazy Obama supporters who actually subsidize the red states.

I’m afraid that while corporations may be people, Mitt Romney is surely not our kind of “people”. Oh, and Governor? We’d really like to see those tax returns right about now.

Update from Mother Jones: @AdamSerwer Mitt wants the full video huh? Well don’t worry, there’s more to come.

Sarah Jones

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