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Fox News Fail: Fox Hosts Vote Fraud Expert Who Debunks Their Voter Fraud Claims

Fox News spends their days whipping up fear of voter fraud, but today they hosted a voter fraud expert who destroyed all of their claims.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

George Mason professor Michael McDonald sat down with Shep Smith and delivered a dose of reality to Fox News viewers.

Smith asked voter fraud, big problem? McDonald answered, “Well, as far as we can tell the vote fraud occurs primarily along absentee voting so it’s starting right now, and some of the laws that have been implemented don’t really address the source of the main fraud that we see in the system.”

Smith asked, “How would you quantify it?” McDonald said, “Very low. We’ve had millions and millions of voters over the last years, and the likelihood of vote fraud occurring is on the order of winning the lottery…It’s a very rare infrequent sort of thing, but when it does happen we are concerned and election officials do take these allegations seriously. They investigate them fully. Usually, what happens the allegations come and then afterwards we find out that maybe somebody signed on the wrong line on a poll book or something, and that’s the source of the error. It wasn’t really that vote fraud occurred.”

Somebody better tell Professor McDonald that this isn’t what the rest of Fox News has been saying.

In August, John Fund was on Fox News claiming that voter fraud is occurring, and it is reality:

Here is a Fox News report from April detailing the potential dark menace of voter ID fraud:

Watch the latest video at

Here is Sean Hannity pushing voter fraud claims:

The myth of voter fraud is part of the lifeblood of Fox News. It is their built in excuse for any and every election loss, so it is surprising to see them host an expert on voter fraud who uses their network to debunk their bogus claims. The truth is that there is no voter fraud problem. Voter ID laws are just another tactic used by Republicans to suppress the vote.

Fox News spends hours of airtime pushing their voter fraud lies only to have one expert come in and blow it all apart in a less than two minutes. Reality doesn’t slip through very often on Fox News, but when it does, it is absolutely delicious to watch.

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