Romney Silences Teacher at Round Table: ‘I Didn’t Ask You a Question’

Apparently for Romney, the idea of a round table to discuss education doesn’t involve hearing from the experts gathered.

Cheryl, a teacher from Colorado, says when she attempted to give Romney a few of her ideas, he silenced her by saying, “I didn’t ask you a question.”

Watch the video from Obama for America Colorado here:

Cheryl shares:

“He said, ‘…I understand there’s a teacher here today, which one of you is the teacher?’ So I raised my hand thinking that’s a good thing; he’s interested in education. But it wasn’t a good thing.”

“I felt like his view was a little old-fashioned and I was surprised by it. He went on to kind of lecture me about schools and how bad they are. He talked bad about the teacher’s union. He was talking about the importance of private schools and voucher systems.”

“At one point, I said to him, ‘I have an answer for that.’ And he said, ‘I didn’t ask you a question.’

You People have been warned. The manager is in the house, and he doesn’t take input from the generals.

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