90% of Delusional Fox News Viewers Think Romney Will Beat Obama in Ohio

Fox News viewers are so out of touch with reality that 90% of them actually think that Mitt Romney is going to win Ohio.

Special Report with Bret Baier asked Fox News viewers who they thought was going to win Ohio. Contrary to all of the polling that has Obama leading, 90% of Fox News viewers expect Romney to win.

Here are the current, at the time of publication, results of the poll:

As it states at the bottom of the graphic, this was not a scientific poll. However, it does tell us a lot about Fox News viewers. Like, the fact that 90% of them appear to be completely out of touch with reality. They think Romney will win Ohio, even though new polling suggests that Obama has opened up a double digit lead in the state. Fox News viewers think Romney will win despite the fact that his rallies in the state are drawing hundreds of supporters, while Obama is drawing thousands.

Perhaps they have forgotten that Ohio is the state where Republicans joined with Democrats to repeal John Kasich’s union busting SB 5 by a margin of 61%-39%. This is a state where the auto bailout is supported, 62%-30%. This is a state that Obama carried in 2008, and where his message is playing well again in 2012.

It is easy for non-Republicans to shake their heads and chuckle as Republicans start claiming that all the polls are really against Romney, and they bring up anything for a buck guy Dick Morris’ latest concoction that shows Mitt Romney really winning the election, but the truth is that these people really believe what is coming out of their mouths.

They truly can’t fathom why we all aren’t joining with them to throw Obama out of office. Their minds and communications have been so saturated with the right wing view that it is the only world that they see. It isn’t just that Fox News viewers are deluded and living in their own fantasy land where Obama is a secret Muslim socialist who is coming to steal your guns, but that this is their reality.

Of course, 90% of Fox News viewers think Romney will win Ohio. I mean, isn’t it obvious? Obama has ruined America, except in the minds of majority of the country that thinks Bush and the GOP ruined our economy, and the president is making things better.

Republicans aren’t in a different reality. They are living in an alternate universe. On Election Day, a portal will open, and for one day we will all be living in the same place.

For one brief shining moment Fox News viewers and the rest of the Republican Party will see our world, and if Obama wins they will quickly slip back into their alternate reality for another four years.

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