Macaca’s Revenge: Virginia County GOP Forced to Remove Racist Images from Party Page

We've got nothing...

So, Virginia is being humiliated yet again by Republicans and Republican senate candidate George Allen is being haunted by his Macaca moment, through no direct fault of his own this time.

The official Facebook page of a Virginia County Republican Party that helped promote an event for Senate candidate George Allen, the Republican running against former governor Democrat Timothy M. Kaine, got busted yesterday for having super offensive (read straight up racist birtherism) images on their Facebook Page.

See a few here, some of which remain:

Embarrassed after a Democratic group supporting Kaine brought it to their attention, a very nervous state GOP tried to order the Mecklenburg County affiliate to take the images down – including images of President Obama as a caveman and a thug. But as of late last night, R. Wallace Hudson, the chairman of the country committee who runs the page, was having none of that. If you are offended by Obama dressed as a savage, well, too bad for you! You have no sense of humor! Chortle.

Hudson told The Washington Post, “‘If that group is that sensitive, I’m sorry, they’re just not human,’ he said, chuckling. ‘It’s not American. If they’ve got a problem with it, we’re not going to change what we do.'”

Hudson took the bully’s refuge by accusing the offended of (sing it with me), “Playing the race card”.

It’s not the conservatives who are playing the race card, see? When they suggest Obama wasn’t born here and show him as a savage, that’s just fun. If you are offended, then you are playing the race card. Shame on you, you savages! You are not American or human.

Then Hudson rightly asserted his freedom of speech. We do support Hudson’s right to show the world just how pathetic the Republican Party has become. Not that Kaine needed that, with polls showing him leading in Virginia. Perhaps the voters haven’t forgotten George Allen’s last hurrah with racism, which landed him a defeat in 2006. A reminder of the officially dubbed “macaca moment”:

At a campaign rally in southwest Virginia on Friday, Allen repeatedly called a volunteer for Democrat James Webb “macaca.” During the speech in Breaks, near the Kentucky border, Allen began by saying that he was “going to run this campaign on positive, constructive ideas” and then pointed at S.R. Sidarth in the crowd.
“This fellow here, over here with the yellow shirt, macaca, or whatever his name is. He’s with my opponent. He’s following us around everywhere. And it’s just great,” Allen said, as his supporters began to laugh. After saying that Webb was raising money in California with a “bunch of Hollywood movie moguls,” Allen said, “Let’s give a welcome to macaca, here. Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia.”

But heck, every little bit helps. Speaking of playing the race card, the young man Allen picked on said, “I was annoyed he would use my race in a political context.” We suspect that Allen’s insult was a real example of playing the race card — just a head’s up.

Cut to this morning, and some of the worst images are gone from the page, leaving a sad array of nods to racism (e.g., birtherism is alive and well on their page) buttressed with conspiracy ridden articles from the Daily Caller and “gut instinct” responses to the polls. We can only imagine that Hudson’s bravado got a whipping from the state party boss who can, no doubt, read polls. A replay of Macaca Part I is not needed; thanks, but no thanks, Hudson.

The feedback on their page is brutal. A selection with names removed for privacy:

Yeah, nice pic. Kind of like the proverbial Klan rally on laundry day.

Stay classy…knuckle draggers of Mecklenburg County.

We get it. He’s BLACK. Racist pigs.

Jesus called. He said those pictures are very un-Christian.

Yeah, keep telling us Republicans aren’t racists. Sure, we all believe that.

Glad to see y’all finally took down that racist cartoon. Too bad it took the state to get you to do it.

You guys should just rename this page “The Wrong Side of History: Mecklenburg Chapter.”

Republicans are living in denial of reality, aided and abetted by the conservative blogosphere that’s decided that the polls are all wrong because in their world, there are more Republicans than Democrats. In reality, there are more registered Democrats, which is why Republicans always do their best to commit voter registration fraud against Democrats and suppress the vote.

The polls, of course, say Romney is losing with the military, losing with NASCAR, losing with the Jewish vote, losing with almost every group out there including now seniors in Florida. No one has found a way to poll Jesus yet, but the odds are high that Jesus jumped ship a while ago.

George Allen did not need his party to remind voters of Macaca Part I, but the party is having a hard time keeping its soldiers in line. When they’re told to knock it off, they react by getting belligerent right before they cave, which is Archie Bunker level pathetic-adjacent. Allow me to assist the GOP in what it can’t say out loud. “Dear Party members, The racism is for Get Out the Vote, but it’s not supposed to be admitted to in public. Code words and dog whistles are the way to go. Think “Welfare to Work” and food stamps, instead of Obama as a savage. Also, please save the birtherism for your private email spam attacks.”

It’s perhaps unfair that Allen will be tainted by this episode since it had nothing to do with him other than by association, but we know how much Republicans value association. Why, we all recall Obama’s half a dozen meetings working with Ayers on a charitable board being used to accuse Obama of palling around with terrorists, and Ayers had been a quiet educator for some 30 years, thus leaving us to conclude that there is no amount of time or distance that separates one from the actions of their “associates”. Furthermore, unlike Allen, Obama never expressed sympathy for the beliefs of Bill Ayers, whereas Allen is already on record as someone who finds racially based bullying both wildly amusing and appropriate.

We can only hope that no one accuses Macaca of palling around with racists, since it’s clear that he is a racist. He built that with his own words, and it’s unkind that he expects his wee county soldiers to get the nuance of public versus private. After all, if they were bright, they wouldn’t be Republicans anymore. “Independent” is the new code name for Republican, for obvious reasons that take us right back to palling around with racists.

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