In Ohio Obama Speaks to Thousands While Romney Draws Hundreds

It is easy to tell who is winning in Ohio. President Obama drew thousands to a rally at Bowling Green, while not even an appearance by Mike ‘Dirty Jobs’ Rowe could help Romney draw more than hundreds.

Here is how the Toledo Blade described the attendance for Obama at Bowling Green, “President Obama fired up thousands of college students at Bowling Green State University today with promises to build on the progress he’s made bringing back jobs to the country while blasting Mitt Romney’s plan to help the wealthy.”

Here is a clip of Obama taking the stage at Bowling Green (courtesy of our friends at The Obama Diary):

The Akron Beacon Journal described Romney’s appearance at American Spring Wire in Beford Heights, “Surrounded by bales of wire covered in blue plastic inside a warehouse of American Spring Wire, several hundred supporters have been waiting for a campaign appearance be Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.”

Mitt Romney even had a celebrity with him. Mike Rowe, the host of Dirty Jobs and the voice for Deadliest Catch appeared with Romney, and still the crowd was in the hundreds.

The new Republican meme is that all of the polls are wrong. Mitt Romney is really winning the election. The polling is being manipulated by liberals and the media to make it look like Romney is losing. Republicans might not want to believe the polls, but the fact of the matter is that President Obama consistently draws thousands to his events, while Romney draws hundreds. The Romney campaign has taken to holding their rallies in very small venues in order to create the illusion of broad support for their candidate.

The reality is that Obama is speaking in front of thousands, while Mitt Romney is speaking to hundreds. Romney has never been able to draw a crowd. During the Republican primaries Romney was only able to draw large crowds when Mormon college students were bused into his events. Republicans knew Romney would never be personally popular, but what they did not expect was that the Democrats would get enthused and come roaring back.

A few weeks ago, President Obama drew 11,000 supporters in Florida while Mitt Romney drew 600 in Virginia. Last Saturday, Obama drew a crowd of 18,000 in Wisconsin, while Romney spent the day in California begging a wealthy donors to fund his debt riddled campaign.

Republicans will still show up at the polls on Election Day in order to vote against Obama. In order for Obama’s current advantage to translate to victory, Democrats must translate their current enthusiasm into action in November. With new polling showing Obama’s lead growing in the state, Romney’s bus tour looks more like a desperate last gasp than victory lap.

If Obama’s support translates to votes, Ohio will once again be blue on Election Day.

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