Pre-Debate Obama Exposes Romney’s Real Record of Job Killing

Obama is pulling a Clinton (Explainer-in-Chief ) before the debates, explaining to the people what Romney’s business record really involved. Sure, by now most people who follow politics closely know that Bain wasn’t about creating jobs, but your mildly interested American probably doesn’t. Leaving nothing to chance, Obama is gonna ‘splain it all to us before the debates, so when he hits Romney on his record during the debates, we will know he’s speaking the truth.

Watch “Remember: Romney’s Private-Sector Experience Wasn’t About Creating Jobs” here:

Before the first debate on October 3rd, get the facts about Romney’s business record. When Romney mentions his private-sector experience remember: it wasn’t about creating jobs.

While we’re on the subject of jobs and explainers-in-chief, Bill Clinton accused Republicans of blocking 1 million potential new jobs at Democratic National Convention, and the fact-checkers agreed (actually, they found more than 1 million jobs killed by the Republicans):

He also accused Republicans of blocking 1 million potential new jobs, but that checked out, too:

Clinton: Last year the Republicans blocked the president’s job plan, costing the economy more than a million new jobs.

Two independent economists — Mark Zandi of Moody’s Analytics and Joel Prakken of Macroeconomics Advisers — had estimated that Obama’s proposed American Jobs Act would add more than 1 million jobs. Zandi claimed it would add 1.9 million jobs; Prakken 1.3 million.

I brought that up for a reason. Yes, right now Obama is doing well in the polls, but a good athlete or politician never takes their eye off of the ball. That ball is not just the White House.

The more this President is heard by the American people, the more people are shifting toward Democrats. The nation is full of contempt for Republicans right now, and they don’t know half of the damage extremist Republicans did to our great country over the last two years.

It wasn’t just your House of Representatives crazies either, but on a state and county level, in your county election boards and school boards, in courtrooms where activist judges upheld unconstitutional restrictions against collective bargaining and voting rights, governors took over state land granted to the people and gave it to the wealthy and corporations, and laws were proposed to encourage friends and family to turn in women who had a miscarriage in case she might have had an abortion.

It is a shame that we have no viable second party right now, but until the Republican Party becomes a real political party again, we need to clean them out of the Senate and especially the House, where the tea party has caused such damage to our country. They need to be slapped back from your state Houses and shown the door from their election boards.

The people deserve a real party with real ideas, ideas that are bigger than working to remove rights from other Americans who don’t agree with them.

So when Obama is talking about jobs — his ideas versus Romney’s – it’s not just Obama v Romney. It’s Obama and Democrats versus Romney and the Ryan Republicans. The Republicans have done nothing to create jobs, even though they ran on that in 2010. Not one real jobs bill. They labeled a bunch of deregulation bills “jobs bills” but analysts agreed they weren’t going to create jobs.

So, if Republicans ran on jobs in 2010 and then did nothing to produce them, what makes your friends or family think they would do something about it now? They have the exact same rhetoric and plan as in 2010, only slightly more Randian and embarrassingly, obtusely doubling down on failed trickle down theories.

This isn’t about Obama and Romney as much as it is the way you want to be represented. If you want a voice for the majority of Americans, if you want folks who care about all Americans and not just white rich men, if you believe that we owed our veterans the veteran’s jobs bill, then you need to consider giving Obama a congress that will work with him to solve real problems, instead of the current Republican led House that has spent two years addressing how to take rights away from women, gays and minorities and no time on jobs.

And if you agree that all citizens deserve to vote and vote without being harassed and intimidated and purged for no good reason, then look at your state and county tickets. Stand up for American values all the way down the ticket.

It’s enough with the silliness and the crazies. America is ready to get moving again. We’re ready to do what economists say we need to do — get a jobs bill moving — get back on track and start rebuilding this country, together. When Republicans are ready to come to the table with serious ideas again, we’ll welcome a strong, articulate counterpoint, because that is the way our government is supposed to work. But until then, we have to put our country first.

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