Media Warns of a Tight Race as Obama Draws Big Crowd of 11,200 in Nevada

Last updated on October 2nd, 2012 at 11:57 pm

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President Obama drew long lines, lots of excitement, and a larger crowd than the 8,000 who came to see him earlier this year in Nevada yesterday. 11,200 people waited in line during 90 degree heat to see Obama yesterday in Las Vegas. This swing state is getting pumped up.

Watch the full speech here:

Watch here via a clip of the folks waiting in line from the Obama Diary on YouTube:

The Las Vegas Sun estimated that about 11,200 people braved the hot sun to wait in line to see Obama yesterday at the Desert Pines High School.

President Obama referenced the upcoming debate during his speech, claiming that he was just okay, “Gov. Romney, he’s a good debater, I’m just okay. But what I’m most concerned about is having a serious discussion about what we need to do to keep the country going.”

While Mitt Romney saw an uptick in national polls today, bringing him closer to Obama than he has been, in swing states Obama leads by 52 percent to 41 percent among likely voters.

The swing states are New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada, but in solid red state country, Romney’s lead is larger than Obama’s in blue states, which is how we get to a closer national poll, where Obama’s approval ratings show dings in a few areas like jobs.

Voters disapprove of Obama’s performance on job creation, which can only suggest that the Republican obstructionism on the jobs bills is working to their advantage. “Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) revealed the true Republican agenda when he said, ‘If we find a window, we can maybe do some things together. Beyond that, I will tell you that it’s going to be important just to hang on and get a new president and a new configuration in Congress.'”

Romney isn’t trusted more than Obama – in fact, the only issue he carries is the deficit, so now you know why Republicans won’t stop talking about it.

Even though the national polls show the race tightening, the math still breaks down to an Obama lead. Republicans are hoping Wednesday’s debate will allow Romney to reinvent himself once again, somehow erasing in Americans’ minds all that they have heard about and from him. Romney promised he would finally get more specific last week, but instead he and Ryan spend this week running away from specifics and focusing instead on one-off “zingers” akin to the chair gag at the RNC.

We will see if America is any more impressed by Romney’s ability to be nasty than they have been in the past. He risks taking on more negative water each time he attacks this very popular president, but in Foxland, Obama is the anti-Christ and Republicans don’t seem to realize that they’re all alone in this belief.

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