Hear Us Roar: Obama Leads Romney with Women 56-38

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 03:12 pm

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Don’t mess with women.

Republicans spent the last two years taking rights away from women, coming between our medical care, our doctors and forcing government-mandated, unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds upon us. They are now paying at the polls. As Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, explains, “It is also very difficult to win an election when you are getting shellacked among women, the group that makes up about half the electorate.”

According to a new national Quinnipiac poll, President Obama leads over Romney 56 – 38 percent among women.

Women are making their voices heard and Republicans are feeling the pain of their jacked up assault on women’s rights over the last two years. Republicans have tried to make birth control illegal, tried to force women’s neighbors to turn in any woman who had a miscarriage, and there are women in jail right now for having a miscarriage. That’s the America Republicans envision for women. Mitt Romney pledged to defund Planned Parenthood, which helps low income women with cancer screenings in addition to offering affordable family planning services.

Todd Akin of legitimate rape infamy is feeling it, with an internal poll for McCaskill showing her with a 9 point lead.

While Todd Akin’s comments drew the most attention, Akin’s beliefs are no different from the Republican Party platform or for that matter, no different from Mitt Romney’s beliefs. Mitt Romney has tried to trick women by telling them one thing on camera and then having his campaign quietly correct him later, but women aren’t buying it. He told us he was for exceptions in cases where the life of the mother was at risk, but later his campaign said not so much. He’s anti-choice in all cases, even when it comes to rape, incest or the life of the mother. We don’t call that pro-life around here.

60 – 25 percent voters are fed up with the gridlock and think that one party rule would get things moving again. “Historically, voters have preferred divided government in the belief that one side can keep the other in line, but these numbers may indicate that the public is fed up with gridlock in Washington,” said Brown. This comes at a time when contempt for the GOP is growing and there’s been a five percent drop in national Republican party identification.

The economy is the number one issue with voters at 50 percent, while the deficit gets only 13 percent. That isn’t good news for Republicans either, who have been concern trolling the deficit as their number one issue (the huge deficit clock at the RNC was a clue) and failing to present one single jobs bill that would actually create jobs and thus help the economy. Instead, Republicans spent a lot of time trying to restrict the rights and freedoms of other Americans. The deficit is also the only issue voters trust Romney on more than Obama, which is ironic given that Romney won’t tell us if or how his budget balances or how he would pay down the deficit with more tax cuts for the rich.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Romney also faces the problem that 60 – 38 percent think Obama cares about their problems, while 51 – 46 percent think Romney does not care. But hey, while the President leads 94 – 2 percent among black voters, that’s a slight dip from the 98-0 he had. Perhaps this is where the Republican Party sees their great hope for a big tent now that the voter registration drives didn’t work out. Heck, 2 percent is better than zero.

Was it worth it, Republicans?

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