Republicans Eating Their Own As Romney Supporter Demands Specifics From Paul Ryan

Last updated on February 9th, 2013 at 07:25 am

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Frustration with the Romney/Ryan camp’s refusal to get specific is growing. Earlier today at a rally in Clinton, Iowa, Ryan was called out by one of Romney’s supporters for refusing to be specific.

It has now gotten so obvious that even Romney and Ryan’s own supporters can’t help but notice that they refuse to give specifics. In Iowa a supporter asked Paul Ryan, “You know, you keep talking about China and jobs, and then you talk about unemployment, but where are the answers? I mean why aren’t you more specific? I heard you on Sunday was it on Fox, and you didn’t answer his question about how we’re going to you know, what are your plans?” Ryan responded by saying, “If we get into a math conversation, it could take a little while.”

The truth is that Romney and Ryan know how they’ll pay for their tax plan, they just won’t tell the American people because of the devastating impact it would have on everyone who isn’t wealthy.

Mitt Romney has refused to say which deductions he’d cut for the middle class to pay for his $250,000 tax cuts for multi-millionaires. He tells us to trust him, says the details will be worked out with Congress after the election, but the natives are getting restless. The Republican rank and file understand that one of the reasons why they are losing this election is that Mitt Romney has decided that the American people don’t need to know what his agenda is. Romney has stuck to buzzwords and phrases that have tested well with focus groups, but even Republicans are starting to get the fact that there are no real policies there.

For their part, the Obama campaign continues to be delighted to point out that Romney and Ryan keep dodging specifics. As Obama senior campaign adviser Robert Gibbs said on Andrea Mitchell Reports today, “I also hope that Mitt Romney will take some of the time that Paul Ryan didn’t want to take in his interview this weekend and try to explain the arithmetic behind their budget. You know, Paul Ryan said it would take too long to explain their budget plan. The problem isn’t the time and the explanation. It’s the math that’s involved to make the statements that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have said line up to being anything close to the truth. And I think that Governor Romney will likely, whether he likes it or not, have an opportunity to try to explain how you pay for a $5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy, and not have it end up – as every study has shown – raising taxes on middle class families.”

Video of Robert Gibbs:

Republicans are nervous, and if you look in the distance you see the glint of their pitchforks, and the spark off their torches off in the horizon. Romney supporters are turning on Ryan, and all the GOP numbers whiz can tell them is that it is too much for their little minds to understand.

Romney better bring his math homework to the debates or his own supporters are going to start freaking.

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