Obama is Now Crushing Romney 75%-21% With Latinos

Last updated on October 4th, 2012 at 04:24 pm

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According to a new CNN poll, President Obama is expanding his already huge lead with Latino voters. Among all Latino voters, Obama leads Romney 75%-21%.

The CNN poll paints a grim picture for the Republican nominee who is desperately hoping to increase his Latino support. Obama leads Romney 70%-26% with likely voters and 73%-22% with registered voters. By a margin of 49%-27%, Latinos are enthusiastic about voting. In part this is likely due to the fact that President Obama has seen his job approval rating increase by 9 points, and his disapproval rating decrease by 13 points with Latinos since July.

Obama was favored over Romney on every single issue by at least 30 points. Respondents favored Obama over Romney on the economy 68%-28%. Obama leads Romney on immigration policy 74%-20%. The president leads Romney on education, 77%-20%. Obama leads Romney on healthcare, 74%-21%. The president also leads the Republican challenger on the federal budget deficit (61%-31%), unemployment (69%-25%), and mortgage and housing issues (66%-27%).

The fact that Obama’s support with Latino voters has jumped from 67% over the summer to 70% or more shows just how damaged the Republican brand is with Latino voters. Despite a Republican convention that tried to play to Latino voters, and a campaign that hoped to get into the upper 30s in terms of Latino support, Romney is actually losing ground with these voters.

It is safe to say that the vast majority of Latino voters are in Obama’s column, and judging by the fact that they overwhelmingly support the president on all issues, there is virtually nothing Romney can say or do to swing the numbers in his favor.

In a desperate attempt to find something good for Romney in these numbers, the mainstream media has gone with the lower likely voters number (70%) for their headlines instead of using the total number (75%) or the registered voters (73%) to reflect support for President Obama. We all know that there is a debate tomorrow, and the series of polls today contain nothing but bad news for Romney, but is it really necessary for the media to undersell Obama’s support while overselling Romney?

The media narrative that tomorrow’s debate could be a game changer for Romney is being undercut by polling that portrays the president’s lead as growing.

Here is what this election currently looks like. Obama is leading in virtually every swing state. The president has huge unprecedented leads with Latino and African-American voters. Obama has a double digit, nearly 20 point, lead with women. The voters consistently in Romney’s camp are Republicans, conservatives, and white men, and ninety five percent or more of the electorate is telling pollsters that they have made up their minds.

Sure, Mitt Romney has a puncher’s chance in the debate tomorrow, but the momentum is still moving towards Obama. As Romney slumps, the Obama coalition continues to grow. I doubt that Latino support for Obama reaches African-American levels, but it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone of the president’s Latino support grows a little bit more before Election Day.

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