House Republicans Caught on Video Refusing to Stay in Session to Create Jobs

Democrats Rep. Elijah Cummings and Rep. Ruben Hinojosa attempted to stop the House adjournment in order to conduct more work, but the Republicans refused to acknowledge them and instead adjourned the Pro Forma session until Tuesday, Oct 9 at 11 AM, while legislative work will not resume until November 13. In other words, House Republicans denied the Democrats’ request to do further work for the people.

The pending agenda Republicans are kicking down the road is full of jobs bills, a middle class tax cut, the Violence Against Women Act, deficit reduction/Sequestration, relief for underwater homeowners, and more.

Watch Democrats Rep. Elijah Cummings and Rep. Ruben Hinojosa seeking recognition:

The CSPAN narrator makes a point that the House gaveled in and out for a brief pro forma session and that the cameras, which cut off right after the gaveling out, are not controlled by CSPAN but by the House. They are in fact controlled by Speaker John Boehner, a fact revealed when Boehner cut the live feed during another attempt to get Republicans to do their job:

Speaker John Boehner doesn’t want you to see what went down today in a pro-forma session of the House as he and his fellow Republicans ran away from their responsibility to the people, ignoring Rep. Stenny Hoyer (D-MD)’s calls to put the Senate passed payroll tax holiday extension up for a vote. He didn’t want you to see this so badly that he commandeered the congressional cameras to stop the live feed from the House floor.

Speaker Pelosi never cut the CSPAN feed in order to run away from her job. Pelosi did grant additional coverage of the healthcare debates, as requested by C-SPAN, although both parties have refused to grant CSPAN more access than they currently have.

Your tax dollars at work — Republicans would rather campaign than do the people’s work, but this should come as no surprise since the “work” they have done is obstruct jobs while trying to restrict the rights of women, minorities and the gay community. Oh, and arresting military moms. Very, very busy.

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