Someone Who Can’t Spell and Thinks Obama is a Muslim Vandalized His Office

obama lier in chief
obama lier in chief

“Muslim lier!” Reads 16×8 misspelled sign hanging on a the south wall of the Obama headquarters in Des Moines. Well, that will teach Obama to keep trying to shove Sharia Law down our throats!

The Des Moines Register reported Friday:

Someone vandalized an Obama campaign building in Des Moines by spray painting the words “Muslim Lier” on a large banner, police said.
The word “liar” was misspelled on the sign, officers said.

Who could it be? Who can’t spell “liar” and also thinks Obama is a Muslim? Oh, the nation is confused about who exactly vandalized Obama’s campaign building by hanging a 16×8 misspelled sign in red spray paint. Red spray paint… Muslim…. can’t spell liar….

So, who believes Obama is a Muslim? Who can’t spell liar but is going to vote for the Biggest One of All? But I repeat myself.

Sometimes freedom of speech is instructive.

Image: Unrelated to this incident other than to demonstrate another example of right wing conspiracies that involve “lier”.

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