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The Right Wing Conspiracy Theorists Who Attack Job Numbers Are Pathetic

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The job numbers came out today, and they showed that the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8%. This got the radicals on the right all twisted and spouting absurd conspiracy theories that the BLS (Bureau Of Labor And Statistics) is conspiring to bring down the job numbers to get President Obama re-elected.

Unfortunately for them, the BLS isn’t the only statisticians in town. We also have APD payroll, a private company that surveys private companies, and for months their numbers have been larger than BLS.


In fact, even this month ADP’s numbers came in bigger than the BLS final number. Being conservative, you would think they would believe the private sector more than the public sector numbers. But considering those numbers are actually better for Obama, they conveniently ignore that fact.


Another indicator that these right wing BLS truthers are just crying over nothing is Gallup polling. Economic confidence is up, and the University of Michigan’s consumer confidence is also increased. What does that tell us? People feel more confident in their economic situation, and are spending more money, etc.

Even Gallup polling for unemployment came in at 7.8%. The problem for Republicans is that these numbers don’t help their prospects of getting elected, or support their argument. It’s pathetic really. When you think about it, the right is cheering on and hoping for bad numbers in order to increase their chances of winning elections.


If that isn’t unpatriotic, I don’t know what is.

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