Job Destroyer Jack Welch Quits Fortune After His Jobs Conspiracy is Shot Down

Jack Welch just shot himself down in a Glenn Beck blaze of conspiracy glory by quitting Fortune magazine after even conservatives said his job numbers conspiracy theory wasn’t substantiated by the economy. Welch has left Fortune, saying he would get better “traction” elsewhere.

Upon the release of the improving jobs numbers which showed unemployment down to 7.8%, Welch tweeted, “Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can’t debate so change numbers.” When asked by Chris Matthews if he had any evidence for his claims, Welch admitted that he didn’t. It was just a feeling based upon nothing.

The former CEO of GE apparently didn’t appreciate reality trumping his wild accusations. Fortune reported:

Monday morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Fortune managing editor Andy Serwer said there were a number of things wrong with Welch’s tweet, the biggest of which was that the economy doesn’t back up the former executive’s claim that the numbers were faked.

“I think it’s exactly the opposite of what Jack Welch is saying,” Serwer said. “Things are actually improving.”

Poor Jack Welch only brought attention to his record as a job destroyer by spinning conspiracy theories about “those Chicago guys” allegedly manipulating the jobs numbers. Monday, Fortune ran an article on how he managed to lose 100,000 jobs in the 20 years he was running GE. Their article was titled, “Obama trounces Welch’s job record.”

Naturally Fox News jumped on board and spent days asking if the numbers were real, making a further joke of themselves as they doubled down as jobs truthers as weeks spent as poll truthers.

Welch left Fortune with a petulant comment that he can get better “traction” elsewhere for his conspiracy theories. We can only guess where that might be, but the Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal, which employs several Romney advisers without disclosing their positons, and/or Fox come to mind.

Jack Welch has ended his career with a spectacular flameout better suited to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck than a former CEO of a huge company like GE. When even your former employees like Chris Matthews (MSNBC is owned by GE) are calling you out for your craziness, it’s time to get in the backseat and retreat. But we will no doubt soon be seeing Jack’s conspiracies lauded in Murdoch owned outlets.

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