Bill Clinton Slams Romney and Exposes the Top 4 Things that Mitt is Hiding

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 02:22 am

At a grassroots event today in Parma, Ohio, President Clinton said that Mitt Romney’s hiding the truth from the American people.

PRESIDENT CLINTON: Now, the last thing could say is, I had a lot of fun down at the Democratic Convention talking about arithmetic. But I listened very carefully to the Vice Presidential debate and to the second Presidential debate, and Mr. Romney says, I’m going to do all of this, I’m going to just cut taxes for the middle class, I’m not interested in rich people, they’ll pay the same percentage of tax they pay now. What does that mean? He thinks we’re dumb.


If you cut everybody else’s taxes and people in my income group pay the same percentage, it means we get a tax cut too. Right? We have too. You cut everybody else’s taxes, and I say that my percentage should go up if you freeze my taxes. So, in the debate, without saying so, he got caught with a fact. He hates to get caught admitting anything. And so, we keep saying, show us your budget. Where are your numbers? The President has given you a budget. He said you won’t like all of it. It adds to two and a half dollars of spending cuts for every dollar of new revenues, but we’ve got to do something about the debt. It will take the debt down $4 trillion. Here are my numbers. Where are your numbers? This guy ran Bain Capital and is a business guy, and he’s hiding his budget? That ought to tell you something. He – well, he’s hiding his taxes, too, but he’s hiding his taxes in the years when he earned ordinary income. He’s given us two years when he was just running for president. And, he’s hiding whether he would have signed the Lilly Ledbetter act. He’s hiding everything. He doesn’t want you to think about him. He wants you to think, oh this economy is terrible. “I’m a jobs guy.” And as President Obama said in the debate, if I brought you a deal to Bain Capital and I said, fund my new business, I’ll give you the budget sometime in the future, just trust me on that – you wouldn’t give me one red cent, and we should not give him one vote on that.

According to Clinton, Romney is hiding:

1). The fact that his tax plan cuts taxes for the wealthy.

2). His budget

3). His tax returns

4). The fact that he doesn’t support equal pay for women.

In all the media appearances and campaign stops that President Clinton has done, this is closest that he has come to flat out calling Mitt Romney a liar.

Bill Clinton is too smooth and polished to do something as crass as calling Romney a liar. Instead, he presented the facts in his own common sense folksy way, and let the audience draw their own conclusions about Romney’s honesty.

Former President Clinton was correct. Romney does think that the American people are stupid. After using up everything in his bag of tricks during the first presidential debate, Romney was left with nothing but criticisms of Obama, and his used car salesman promise that America should trust him to fix the economy.

While Mitt Romney is trying to sell you a lemon, Bill Clinton is checking under the hood.

The Republican nominee won’t let you take a test drive, but President Clinton is making sure that Ohio, and the rest of the country, doesn’t get stuck with another clunker.

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