Bryan Fischer, Kicked off CNN for Lying, Reacts like Childish Buffoon

You knew this already: Bryan Fischer, Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association (AFA), likes to throw tantrums.  And those of us who are liberals know that CNN is no liberal organ. But to Bryan Fischer, CNN is “what the gay Gestapo looks like in action.”

Why? Because earlier this week, CNN anchor Carol Costello, tiring of Fischer’s lying, bigoted spew, tossed him off her show.

Fischer was in the middle of a rant about the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Mix It Up at Lunch Day” program, which is all about teaching tolerance and which has the entire religious right in such a lather.

Rather than making friends, aberrochristians think it is better for children to bully their fellow students and ostracize them for being different in the name of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Fischer claims anything coming from the Southern Poverty Law Center is “toxic” to their children’s’ “moral health.”

Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

What happened on CNN is what happens when right wing religious extremism accidentally comes in contact with the mainstream media, which does its level best to avoid this sort of stuff. I mean, you have to wonder what CNN was thinking.

Watch what happens when Carol Costello read back to Fischer what he had previously said about gays and Nazism. Reaching the end of the tirade, Costello told the Bigot King, “That smells like agenda to me.” As Fischer continued his rant, Costello tried to talk to him about hate speech. Fischer claimed that the Southern Poverty is out to destroy the AFA and the FRC and that therefore they’re the bullies.

Cosello finally had had enough when Fischer turned to the usual lies about homosexuality and health, and said, “That’s just not true.” She announced that since it is not true, she was ending the interview. “Thanks for sharing your views, I guess,” she said, before turning out the lights on Fischer’s spew.

Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

That was Tuesday. On Thursday he went off on what Kyle Mantyle at Right Wing Watch called “an epic rant,” saying that “Costello’s refusal to allow him to spew his bigotry unchallenged on national television is exactly what ‘the gay gestapo looks like in action.'”

Fischer made multiple references to the “gay gestapo,” proclaiming that “the stormtroopers of the homosexual movement” and “the Nazis in the gay gestapo” will punish anyone who says that “homosexuality is immoral, it is unnatural, and it is unhealthy – that is a simple, straightforward statement of fact” because “it is a crime of blasphemy against the god of gayness.”

Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Like I said, it’s hard to imagine what CNN thought they’d get when they invited Fischer on the air. They either have not been paying attention or they thought he’d suffer an attack of Romnesia. Or perhaps, what happened was exactly what they wanted to happen. Whatever the reasoning, Fischer responded in the same way he sees his God responding, with childlike fury over gratification denied.

It isn’t often someone like Fischer is brought so brazenly into the public eye by the mainstream media. We have watched the extremism displayed at Rick Perry’s The Response go by without a mention (except by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. There have been numerous other examples of the mainstream media shying away from right wing extremism, which is what makes groups like Right Wing Watch and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) so important.

Fischer misjudged his audience. He thought he’d get a free commercial spot to run his shtick by the American people but he ran into an interviewer who had a bigger set than Jim Lehrer, and you can bet it didn’t sit well with the bigoted Fischer that his on-air executioner was a woman.

Seemingly, by accident, the mainstream media gave their viewers a glimpse of what really drives the Republican agenda. It’s crackpot buffoons like Bryan Fischer who speak for the base, the base that this election year, got a dream platform more extreme than any seen since the National Socialist era. This, America, is your Republican Party. Weep in shame.

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