Republican Ohio Sec of State Believes Early Voting (By Democrats) is Un-American

Husted all heart

According to Jon Husted, making the vote accessible to all eligible voters is un-American. The Federal Court ruling against his efforts to suppress the vote is un-American. The Supreme Court upheld the ruling that Husted thinks is un-American. Therefore, while he didn’t say it, he inferred that the Supreme Court is also un-American. Considering how conservative the Roberts Supreme Court is, Husted’s comments speak volumes about his extreme political views.

According to the Toledo Blade, Husted made the outrageous claims during a keynote speech at the University of Toledo College of Law on Friday.

Mr. Husted spoke of a recent federal court decision that he claimed intruded on Ohio’s ability to run its own elections and called it an “un-American approach to voting” — an opinion not shared by many who attended the symposium.

Mr. Husted’s comments speak to many things. They speak to the extremism that he and the Republican Party have come to represent. The ideals that the Romney/Ryan Republicans stand for scare the hell out of sane Americans, including some older white men.

In short, they can’t win an honest very pro America election, in which people aspiring for political office recognize that they are serving the public. The Romney/Ryan Republicans think they are entitled to “rule over” the public rather than serve them.
That is evident from Mitt Romney’s attitude to 47% of the country, conveyed many times before the video. We heard it when Ann Romney said it’s our turn. We heard it when the Romneys decided we didn’t have a right to know what’s in their tax returns.

We saw it very time Mitt Romney was rude and disrespectful to the President and both moderators in the Presidential debates so far. We saw ut with every twist of the truth that came out of Romney’s mouth and every deceitful ad that came from dark money.

Every time Mitt Romney avoids discussions about policy, and refuses to offer specifics on his policies, Mitt Romney conveys the attitude of an Emperor, rather than a potential leader of the Free World. We saw it when he refused, over and over again, to identify the tax exemptions he would eliminate to pay for the tax cuts he plans to give the rich. We saw it when he refused to answer the simple question of whether he is for or against equal pay for equal work. Sarah Jones has written volumes on Mitt Romney’s position when it comes to women’s health and reproductive rights.

The Mitt Romney who thought he was being ever so liberal by “letting” women out of his corporate binder to go home and cook dinner doesn’t appeal to Americans. As a man, Mitt Romney doesn’t appeal to half of America because half of America doesn’t appeal to him. The Mitt Romney who believes its okay for bosses to tell their employees who to vote for would prefer that the vote be limited to people who, in the words of one of his supporters” gets how things work.

Husted’s claim that States can do whatever they want shows his arrogance, not to mention a failure to understand the Constitutional principles that all States must abide by. When a State violates the constitution, then it is not only the option, but the responsibility of the courts to strike down unconstitutional laws.

Husted fails to understand that America operates under the rule of law, not the rule of men – no matter how rich, how spoiled, and how arrogant these men may be.

Even the conservative Supreme Court of the United States couldn’t find anything to justify Husted’s voter suppression laws. That should tell him something.

Husted’s behavior and views are more reminiscent of totalitarian regimes, in which voting was a rubber stamp of one party and one party only. There is nothing more un-American than that.

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