Romney Refuses to Answer Questions about His Support for Mourdock

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On CNN this morning, Jim Acosta reported that Mitt Romney refused to answer questions about his support for Richard Mourdock while campaigning in Ohio today.

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ACOSTA: There’s been a distraction for this campaign over the last 24 hours and has to do with Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, who made the controversial comments about abortion and rape at that debate and Mitt Romney was silent on this matter yesterday, his campaign advisers were not really seen around the press corps when we tried to talk to them about this yesterday and earlier this morning he made a stop at a breakfast shop here in Cincinnati. He was asked again by reporters about this matter. He did not respond to those questions. And of course all of this is an issue for Mitt Romney because he just taped an ad for Richard Mourdock just in the last couple of weeks for that Senate candidate’s campaign. And so far, the Romney campaign says they are standing behind their support for Richard Mourdock and they’re not asking him to pull that ad.

Even Haley Barbour says Mourdock’s comments are “kinda crazy”, but the Romney camp is still standing by their man Mourdock, even after he said that rape was God’s will and the result a “gift”.

I wrote earlier that Mitt Romney was beginning to appear very weak as this issue continues to mushroom in the media, and his refusal to answer questions about it only solidifies the candidate as one who refuses to take a leadership role within his own party.

If Romney can’t lead his party, why would anyone think he can lead the country?

The truth is that Mourdock’s comments didn’t offend Mitt Romney, and he’s so out of touch that he doesn’t realize how they impact women. Binders full of rape courtesy of God’s will is just a part of Romney’s worldview at this point.

I still can’t understand why Mitt Romney chose Richard Mourdock of all senate candidates to cut an ad for in the general election. But the fact that Romney is too afraid of the Right to ask Mourdock to take down the ad (that even Joe Scarborough thinks Romney should demand be taken down) is telling.

This is more evidence of the Fox bubble Mitt Romney lives in. He doesn’t get it. He believes that most Americans think the way the fringe on the right thinks – and they don’t. While Romney is a weak appeaser on many things, from the stories I’ve read about his treatment of women as a Bishop, it appears that in this case Romney actually secretly agrees with Mourdock. Geoffrey Dunn details Romney shaming a young Mormon woman whose doctor had indicated that she needed to have a potentially life saving abortion, “According to R. B. Scott, author of the insightful Mitt Romney: An Inside Look at the Man and His Politics, Romney’s only concern was for the unborn fetus.”

In the past, Mitt Romney treated women with less care and respect than he treated his family dog. I haven’t seen anything to indicate that he’s had an awakening. If anything, his binders full of women and “if” a woman is going to work comments along with his cluelessness about how offensive Mourdock’s comments are to women are a frightening confirmation of how Mitt Romney views a woman’s place in America.

In contrast, last night President Obama was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and he said, to much applause, “Rape is rape and it’s a crime.”

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