The Republican Party: The Crazy Ex in Charge of Your Freedom

Yesterday, when Ron Christie sat on the Ed Show with Keli Goff and patronizingly told her that women’s issues were “small ball”, I realized that these Republicans are not just acting like they don’t get that they’re discussing whether or not to let a woman live if she needs a life saving abortion after being raped. They’re not just aiding and abetting criminal violence against women as they refuse to sign the Violence Against Women Act while pushing to give the rapists exactly what they want – control.

No, they aren’t just aiding and abetting. They are the crazy ex, the stalker, the abuser, the “power over” mentality of the drunken frat boy and the greedy CEO, the rapist, the dog abuser…

They talk about legislating not allowing a woman to save her own life and not allowing her loved ones to save her life as if they are legislating what color pencil Americans can use.

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It has been explained over and over and over again that contraception is often used for women’s health and sometimes-serious health issues. It’s been explained that ectopic pregnancies are a common occurrence that can and do kill women. It’s been explained that in 31 states, we allow a rapist to have visitation and custody of the child they raped to conceive. But still these men cry about a fetus and tell women that for them to be upset over “small ball” issues is silly.

When they talk about coming between a woman and her doctor, they are talking about not letting a woman save her own life.

Imagine, if you will, if our elected officials were mostly women. And if over the last two years, one party elected women so crazy they reminded men of the crazy ex that threatened to kill herself if you left.

Imagine if those women then legislated that if you made a woman feel like that, your freedom to have medical assistance in the case of a life threatening accident or illness would be taken away. That’s the closest I can come to an analogy since women can’t overpower men and impregnate them when they want to control them. Women can’t impose a medical condition upon men for revenge like men can and do to a woman with rape. But if you aren’t a hater, you get the idea. I suppose it’s a micro example of a woman who gets pregnant to “trap” a man, if women like that were running Congress and decided that the men might not be able to live if they chose to leave because — BABIES.

This is about control. The crazy people are in charge of the asylum now. Women know these men, just like men know the crazy ex girlfriend type once they’ve had one. They’re on TV and in Congress and running for the highest office in the land as they talk about whether or not they are going to make a law saying that women are not free to save their own lives.

The bitterness that seeps through these men’s words is lost on those who haven’t been on the receiving end of a controlling, insecure man. But it is loud and clear to those who have. These are men so insecure that they are dreaming of making laws that would kill women for not being compliant even with a rapist’s desire to control them.

I can’t believe there isn’t an uprising against these men, but they’ve done a great job packaging their control in the wrapper of family values and love for babies. Nothing gets women like the desire to protect babies, and that’s what they’re banking on. Everyone loves a baby, but apparently these men don’t love a woman or else glibly discussing her government-imposed death wouldn’t be “small ball”.

Death panels? Yes, that’s what this is, only it’s not a panel of people who are deciding – it’s the whim of the sickest in our society – the rapist, the stalker, and the batterer. Yes, impregnating a woman is a common thing for an abuser to do to a woman who is trying to leave. So when Republicans talk about giving that rapist/abuser exactly what he wants—access to her and control over her for the next 18 years, they are incentivizing rape.

And if that pregnancy turns out to be life threatening, which is not uncommon, Republicans are giving the abuser/rapist the authority to kill the woman legally.

That’s “small ball” to Republicans. Ron Christie sat there patting Keli Goff’s arm when she tried to make a point, discussing legalizing killing women, and called it small ball.

In reality, these men don’t give care about live babies or children, or else they wouldn’t be cutting back food stamps and government assistance to poverty stricken parents trying to feed their children. They wouldn’t be trying to defund the one sure way we have of reducing abortions – birth control. They wouldn’t be suggesting that crime is a function of single motherhood while they seek to make it impossible for a woman who is raped to have an abortion.

These men are trying to put women at their mercy, with no freedom, while they incentivize violence against women and defund programs meant to help victims of violence.

Why isn’t anyone calling these guys on what they are really saying? They aren’t talking about being pro-life; they are talking about legislating the deaths of women and incentivizing rape and violence against women.

These men are the problem, not the solution. They are spewing hate talk on TV and no one calls them on it. They are saying it’s “small ball” to suggest killing women and everyone glides right over that and discusses the issue as if it’s just another policy instead of the suggestion that half of the population should be left to die at the “religious” whim of these sick control freaks.

I put religious in quotes because to call the desire to kill women religious is giving it way too much cover. These men aren’t religious, and the Nuns on the Bus proved that with their boycott of these men’s Randian budget. These men aren’t lovers of babies – they are haters of women. They don’t hate abortion or else they would not be destroying the one method that reduces abortions or giving would-be rapists an incentive to commit a heinous crime of violence against innocent women. And just for the record, far too often these “pro-lifers” are against abortion for everyone else, but when their mistress gets pregnant, they become bullies for abortion. It’s all about control.

These men (and their female enablers) always talk about “innocent life” as if the women’s lives they are asserting control over are not innocent. They imply that women are evil sinners, trash to be discarded in order to save the “innocent”. I note that not one of them is discussing that it takes two to get pregnant, or implying that men are automatically not as worthy of freedom and life as a fetus.

The Republican Party is being overtaken by the crazy exes, bitter and bursting with desire for revenge against a world that threatens to take away their control and power.

The Romney campaign has been dismissing women’s lives as shiny objects for a while now. That’s what Mitt Romney thinks of women’s lives, but we already knew that Romney’s “only concern is for the fetus.”

Here’s a compilation of the crazy exes spewing their glorification of controlling women by David Packman:

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