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Newt Gingrich Tells Women Upset Over Mourdock’s Comments To ‘Get Over It’

Warning: May trigger victims of violence. This article addresses Republican attitudes toward survivors, women and children.

Newt Gingrich, who keeps binders full of wives on the side just in case, was on ABC this morning telling women to “get over it”. “It” being their outrage over Mourdock’s comments. Did you get that? Get over it, ladies.

Upset that Mourdock said pregnancy from rape is “something that God intended to happen”? Get over it!

Watch here:

GINGRICH: One point of this is nonsense. Every candidate I know, every decent American I know condemns rape. OK, so why can’t people like Stephanie Cutter get over it?

I don’t know why “people like Stephanie Cutter” can’t get over it. Maybe because they got the idea that they were valuable human beings entitled to the same liberty and freedom as a man. Chances are “people like Stephanie Cutter” know someone who was raped and they realize that what the Republican Party is doing is called “reraping” in the world of therapists trying to help survivors cope with the post traumatic stress syndrome disorder that often accompanies violence. In the world of psychology, they liken the PTSSD resulting from rape to that of a person who was in combat.

It’s a well established fact that “Obama’s chief campaign babe” (as Rush Limbaugh refers to Stephanie Cutter) enrages the Right. She’s beautiful, smart and outspoken, which contrasts their belief that only women who can’t get a gift like Rush Limbaugh or Newt Gingrich are “femi-Nazis”. Cutter causes their brains to explode in confused rage. Pretty object who isn’t bowing down to patriarchal power. GRRRR. Must destroy.

Gingrich added, “My response is, if you listen to what Mourdock actually said, he said what virtually every Catholic and every fundamentalist in the country believes, life begins at conception.” He did not add that Republicans seem to believe the privileges of “life” also end at birth.

Gingrich, known for his dark moods of depression and incapacity at times, is apparently unfeeling when it comes to others’ troubles. The party he led over a cliff with his projected moral failures isn’t known for its compassion. HuffPo wrote, “Gingrich is known to have had two periods of dark depression while he was in office, one in 1979 and another in 1997, both of which were so severe as to prompt action by friends and colleagues.”

One of Gingrich’s wives has alleged that he proposed an “open marriage” (aka these days as binders full of wives). Newt speaks of his moral failures as if he’s been chosen by God for special Christian redemption, which is also known as a “get out of jail free” card for Republicans, only available to men hiking the Appalachian Trail or found in bathroom stalls or wearing diapers.

If you buy the male as redeemed sinner led into sin by temptation by the evil temptress, you can see why Republicans have no time for rape “accusers”, as they tried to rape victims. Thus follows their Akin-revealed flight from reality that if you’ve really been raped, you can’t get pregnant and if you do get pregnant it is a gift from God.

You might not understand how this is a gift, but then, that’s because you are a “person like Stephanie Cutter.” Only men know what God wants and only men know what constitutes a gift for you.

When running for office in 1978 for an open congressional seat, Gingrich ran an ad against his female Democratic opponent accusing her of breaking up her family by running for office. From HuffPo:

“If elected, Virginia will move to Washington, but her children and husband will remain in Griffin [Ga.].” By contrast, Gingrich’s photo blurb promised that “When elected, Newt will keep his family together.”

That was the marriage that Gingrich had already destroyed with multiple affairs.

Who better to judge “people like Stephanie Cutter” than Newt Holy Gingrich? Suffering from psychological troubles and incapable of fidelity, run out of Washington for an ethics scandal and infamous for attacking Clinton for doing what he himself was doing many times over, Newt Gingrich is the perfect standard bearer for the Republican Party’s family values platform.

They are very pro-fetus. So much so that it makes them weep that you evil rape victims don’t feel gifted upon by God when he not only manages to get you raped but also manages to get you impregnated. Oh, “the sanctity of life,” they quiver with tears in their eyes.

And yet, “The most notorious incident in Gingrich’s marriage … was when he cornered Jackie in her hospital room where she was recovering from uterine cancer surgery and insisted on discussing the terms of the divorce he was seeking. Shortly after that infamous encounter, Gingrich refused to pay his alimony and child-support payments. The First Baptist Church in his hometown had to take up a collection to support the family Gingrich had deserted. Six months after divorcing Jackie, Gingrich married a younger woman, Marianne, with whom he had been having an affair.” (Stephen Talbot. “Newt’s Glass House.” 8/28/1998)

You People need to “get over it”. Stop speaking up and demanding to be treated as human beings rather than farm animals kept for Republican-mandated breeding.

Republicans have no time to go after rapists; they are too busy holding women accountable for the actions of rapists. This is why they haven’t managed to pass the Violence Against Women Act in the Ryan dominated House. When Newt says, “Every decent American I know condemns rape” you should just take him at his word rather than wondering if indeed he does know any decent American Republicans who condemn rape in reality, rather than just saying the words after being called out for a month as being rape apologists and enablers.

Thus we conclude our special Sunday edition of Family Values Republican Style, where the fetus is adored and the woman and child reviled. If you don’t like it, all they can say is “get over it.” God wants it this way. How do you know? Republican men have a special relationship with God, in which they are granted forgiveness for all nature of sins, while women are held in contempt for being the victim of the man’s sin and the children resulting are punished for failing to come from the right man. No food stamps for you or your children. If it was real rape, we can only assume your child would not be hungry.

Mitt Romney has also told You People to get over it. He’s done discussing it, although he never started discussing it. His ad endorsing Mourdock still stands.

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