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Obama Stops Romney’s Jeep Lie Dead In its Tracks With Blistering New Ohio Ad

The Obama campaign is stopping Romney’s Jeep to China lie dead in its tracks with a tough new ad that delivers the facts, and calls Romney a liar.

Here is the ad:

The script for the ad reads, “When the auto industry faced collapse, Mitt Romney turned his back. Even the conservative Detroit News criticized Romney for his ‘wrong-headedness’ on the bailout. And now, after Romney’s false claim of Jeep outsourcing to China, Chrysler ITSELF has refuted Romney’s lie. The truth? Jeep is ADDING jobs in Ohio. Mitt Romney on Ohio jobs? Wrong Then. Mitt Romney: ‘Let Detroit go bankrupt.’ Dishonest Now.”

In the span of 30 seconds, the Obama campaign called Romney both a liar and dishonest. The problem for Romney is that Ohio voters aren’t going to be fooled by his last ditch gambit to scare them into supporting him. During a conference call with reporters today, UAW Region 2B Director Ken Lortz summed up the reaction to Romney’s desperate tactics as, “The people of Toledo and North Ohio are being subjected to this filth and we won’t tolerate it.”

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina pointed out that Romney is getting desperate, so he released an ad that everyone knows is false. The fact that Romney ran this ad tells you a lot about him and where he stands in Ohio. The reality is that Romney is trailing in 14 of the 16 most recent polls released in the state. (The other two polls are tied.) Even though Romney isn’t leading a single poll of the state, many in the mainstream media continue to push the Romney campaign’s spin that the state is a toss up. As Nate Silver keeps pointing out, the data shows that the state isn’t a toss up. Obama is the favorite to win in Ohio.

Desperate campaigns do things like intentionally twisting a Bloomberg article so that they can claim that Jeep is moving jobs to China when the opposite is true. The Romney campaign has been backing their lies about Jeeps with bluffs about momentum. They are also bluffing about expanding the map, and their biggest bluff of all is the idea that Ohio is somehow up for grabs.

The hard data coming out about early voting doesn’t lie. Obama is piling up big leads in Ohio, Nevada, Iowa, and the president is doing well in North Carolina. Romney currently leads in zero battleground states. Mitt Romney had to have Ohio. He is not getting it, so his campaign is subtly starting to spin away from Ohio by claiming that Wisconsin is the new Ohio, and Minnesota is the new Ohio.

Mitt Romney is trying to lie his way to victory in Ohio, and the Obama campaign has responded by calling out the lie and the liar.

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