Mitt lied about Jeep because he has to lie. The truth would sink his campaign.

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 02:33 am

Of course Romney’s Jeep ad was a lie, and no it’s not surprising that he has continued to perpetuate that lie for as long as he figures he can get away with it.

That’s because Romney himself is a lie. His position on (INSERT CAMPAIGN PROMISE HERE) is a lie, and if he says it’s not a lie then he’s lying. It’s like the Rev. Al Sharpton said a few weeks ago, I believe it was on the MSNBC panel discussing the second presidential debate, when he said that Mitt Romney was an “accomplished liar”, whereas Paul Ryan was only a “fibber” striving to reach the breathtaking heights of the  acknowledged master.

I realize I’m not breaking new ground when pointing to the fact that Mitt is a liar, and yet it does seem somewhat comical in a painful sort of way at this point when some of us continue to act surprised at stories such as the one about the Jeep ad which manufactured a lie so big and bold that the Jeep folks themselves over at Chrysler had to step up and let it be known what a whopper this one was. Sure it was a whopper, but then this is the guy who spun so many lies so hard and fast during his first debate that Obama got dizzy. Then came the second debate and he lied some more, only this time POTUS was ready for him (“Can you say that a little louder, Candy?”). I’m pretty sure he went on to toss a few more onto the heap during the third and final debate, but at this point who’s counting, right?

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Romney is lying because Romney has to lie. It’s the best card he has to play in a stacked deck, betting on the ignorance and short term memory of the electorate. Oh, and rightwing racial hatred. Romney knows that if he were to tell too much of the truth then he would have to switch sides and begin campaigning for Obama, so instead he and his crew of ankle biters have conspired to weave an intricate alternate universe where the truth is defined strictly by the degree to which it benefits Romney. For instance, in RomneyWorld, Romney never told Detroit to go bankrupt, he only suggested that they consider a managed bankruptcy and Obama stole his idea from him. In RomneyWorld, Obama Care was modeled after..well…something else. In RomneyWorld, a steady if somewhat slowly improving unemployment rate (5.2 million jobs over the past 31 months) is not what a recovery looks like.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled democracy.

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