A Halloween Special Featuring Sarah Palin


This week’s super-storm was a reminder of why the Romney campaign is just plain wrong when it comes to the importance of the Federal Government’s involvement during national emergencies.  We saw the devastating results of Republican ideology during Katrina.

Here with her Halloween special is Lipstick Liberal to remind us of the various disasters, natural and otherwise, that would come with a Republican Administration and/or congressional control.



Lipstick Liberal “Mad Sarah Palin: The Republican Road Warrior”

VOICE OVER: All that remains are memories. Memories of a time of chaos then a time of wasted dreams, but most of all, we remember the time of a Republican Warrior! A woman we called Mad Sarah.


Tea-Partiers, Republicans and Conservative Americans, it’s been years  since the world was taken over by the black fuel!  I just pray that some of you have survived to receive this transmission of hope!

I mean, heck I was the one who told you the treachery of ramming those free-LUNCHES down your throats was harbinger to the end of free…. DUMMMM being rammed down your throats.

But, since obviously no one was listening to me, I realized America was no longer the country I recognized as truly loving ME, Todd and I took the family to live with some like-minded Christians, before the Economic Armageddan began!

Now, I can only imagine the Tsunami’s END to prosperity, and the DESTRUCTION of religious freedom, I know in my head you ARE ALL NOW experiencing!  I’m not saying I told ya so, BUUUTTT, I just hope there are still a few of our freedom-loving seniors and some babies left too!

Doncha worry, because if you have survived the Civil War, Muslim take-over and forced Gay Marriage, Obama told you he was going to do,  WE ARE gonna save ya from that 1000 yrs of Socialist Darkness, that I know in my head you are ALL NOW living in!

So, you tell those evil Muslim Brotherhood Czars, if they think Sarah Palin is going to let them continue turning my country into the America of the Middle East, I know in my head, Obama was hell-bent on creating, they got another thing coming!

VOICE OVER:  That was the last we ever heard of Mad Sarah.  As for me, I grew to womanhood, and thanks to birth control, affordable education, healthcare, social security and retirement pensions,  lived a pretty normal middle class life.

End of Transcript:

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