Picture of the Day: President Obama and Chris Christie Working Together

In an age when Republicans have refused to work with the Democratic President to help Americans in a time of deep financial crisis, it is news worthy when one crosses the aisle.

Governor Christie had done just that, heaping praise on the President for his quick responses and desire to help governors cut through the red tape that might otherwise obstruct quick help.

Here’s your picture of the day:

There are those who speculate that Christie is doing this for political gain, and there might be truth to that. I’m no fan, but I’ve always seen Christie as an emotional guy who takes pride in his role as Governor. I think he shares with President Obama a desire to be a steward — to take good care of the people. His particular style is very different from Obama’s understated and controlled emotions, but they both clearly want the best for the people whose lives are in their hands.

As we mourn for those whose lives were lost in Sandy and those who lost their homes and businesses, we can take heart that right now, there are elected officials working together for greater good of Americans.

It is shameful that this is news, and even worse, that as these two men and all of our first responders and helpful citizens work together as patriots, some Republicans just can’t let go of their pettiness. Even now, Bush’s FEMA director is still criticizing the President for being competent while Fox News desperately tries to distract from the President’s steady leadership by politicizing yet another tragedy.

If you can’t come together in times like these and you can’t manage to be a grown up for a few days, you probably don’t deserve to hold elected office. This means that most of the Congressional Republicans should be voted out November 6th for putting defeating Obama over helping struggling Americans. Country first, over politics.

Please consider donating to the Red Cross if you have a few bucks to spare (link above in the header of the site).

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