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Terrifying Video: ‘News on the 100th Day of a Romney Presidency’

Yikes. Elections do have consequences. It’s not like the Obama campaign to use fear tactics, so their terrifying new video showing the news on the 100th day of a Romney presidency is a departure in tone.

What’s at stake, you ask? Watch here, but steel yourself first.

CHICAGO says, “What would lead the news on the 100th day of a Mitt Romney presidency? OFA’s new “breaking newscast” has the top stories Americans could expect to see if Romney gets to push his version of “real change” as president: a tax cut for millionaires and corporations is signed into law as taxes rise for the middle-class; Chinese manufacturing is booming as American jobs are shipped overseas; Roe v. Wade threatened by the confirmation of President Romney’s first nominee to the Supreme Court; Medicare is turned into a voucher system; and Obamacare is repealed, leaving many Americans with preexisting conditions without insurance.

Elections have consequences, and this is the “real change” that Romney is promising. It’s the kind of change that Americans simply can’t afford. In four days, Americans will decide if they want to continue moving forward with President Obama, or if Romney gets to deliver the change he has promised, taking us back to the same failed policies of the past.”

Tax cuts for millionaires, Roe V Wade on the docket to be overturned, no FEMA, Medicare being turned into vouchers — not a pretty picture. While Romney probably couldn’t actually achieve all of these goals, they are fair representations of positions he has taken at one time (and later denied, avoided, walked back, lied about, etc.).

You might want to share this video with undecideds. Sometimes it takes a little exaggeration or imagination to get people to wake up. After all, this does represent what a Romney presidency would look like without any obstacles (read Democrats) in the road.

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