Don’t Give Your Ballot to That ‘Nice’ Republican

King County SOS Warns Voters that GOP Is Trying to Collect Ballots

In the state of Washington, where they vote entirely by mail (oh sanity), the Secretary of State felt compelled to put a warning on their home page about Republicans trying to collect ballots. Do not give your ballot to the Republicans. Mail it yourself, they urge.

They write, “It’s been reported that King County GOP is offering to collect and return voters’ ballots.

We recommend that voters return ballots to an official King County Elections ballot drop-off location or through the US Postal Service. Voters may use the online ballot tracker to confirm that King County has received their ballot.”

(Click image above to see warning.)

County elections spokeswoman Kim van Ekstrom told the Slog they were alerted to the activity via “a call to our phone bank, and we want voters to know we are aware of this activity.” Indeed.

In Oregon, a Republican Clackamas County elections worker is under criminal investigation for tampering with ballots. She was reportedly filling in a straight Republican ticker for voters who left it blank. That is, of course, a class C felony.

She shouldn’t feel too badly though, because Republican voter registration strategist Nathal Sproul’s worker in Virginia is facing 8 felonies for election fraud for tossing your voter registrations away.

Republicans were right to warn us about voter fraud, because it finally brought attention to the much larger and more systemic problems of election and voter registration fraud.

The lesson here is do not give your ballot to that ‘nice’ Republican. Mail it yourself, lest it end up in the trash or filled in for a straight Republican ticket against your wishes and intentions.

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