While Romney Holds his Supporters Hostage in PA, Obama Dances in Ohio

If you want to know who is winning this election consider that while Romney supporters were begging to leave his PA rally, President Obama was dancing with a joyous crowd in Ohio.

The contrast between the two campaigns couldn’t be more stark.

Here is what was going at Mitt Romney’s big Pennsylvania rally a.k.a Dog Day Afternoon.

Yep, the Romney campaign along with volunteers and the Secret Service would not allow supporters leave his rally

On the very same day, here was the scene at President Obama’s rally in Cincinnati, Ohio (Courtesy of our friends at The Obama Diary):

Can you tell which candidate thinks he is going to win?

These campaigns are going in opposite directions. The Obama campaign appears to have gotten a burst of momentum, while Romney is trying to hold it together and turn the tide on election day.

More telling is the downtrodden attitude of Romney supporters who seem to be glumly trudging through the landscape determined to carry out their mission. In contrast, there is an air of absolute joy at these Obama rallies. Obama supporters love their candidate, while Republicans are voting for Mitt Romney because their one overriding obsession is to defeat this president.

Obama supporters don’t beg for their freedom as their children freeze, waiting for a candidate who is more concerned about a photo-op than their health and welfare.

People were begging to leave Mitt Romney’s rally. While in Ohio, President Obama danced as he was serenaded by tens of thousands of supporters.

In a nutshell that is really all you need to know about this election, and how the two candidates contesting it view you.

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