Romney’s Real Reason for Being in PA: It was the Only State With Ad Space Left


The lid was blown off Mitt Romney’s latest attempt to fool voters today, as it has been revealed that Romney bought ads in Pennsylvania because it is the only state with ad space left in the country.

Dan Hirschhorn, a reporter from The Daily, tweeted, “Source familiar with RNC IE just acknowledged to me main reason they really bought in PA is they couldn’t spend anywhere else. airwaves full.”


The real reason why Republicans are buying ad time in Pennsylvania isn’t because the state has suddenly become competitive. The truth is that the Republicans have so much money to burn that they dumped millions of dollars into a state that they won’t win because it was the last state with available ad time for sale.

If ad space would have been available in any other state, the Romney campaign would have made the same argument that they were broadening the map. Romney’s campaign stop in Pennsylvania today is designed to do nothing more than further the illusion that the candidate has momentum heading into election day.

It is all a myth. Romney is trying to create the impression of momentum, so that the media won’t focus on the fact that over the past week the polls have started to break in President Obama’s direction. Romney is using Pennsylvania as a prop to try to trick the media into reporting something that isn’t true.

On election day, Romney may end up regretting the decision to waste a campaign stop in Pennsylvania instead of scheduling an extra appearance in Virginia. Three new polls of the state released today found President Obama leading in Virginia by 16 points.

Mitt Romney thinks he can become president through campaign ads and image manipulation. The problem for Romney is that as the campaign comes to a close, he is losing both the media battle and the actual election on the ground. Romney’s appearance in the state and the Republican ad buy make perfect sense for a candidate who has put fiction ahead of facts, lies before truth, and insisted that illusion dominate over reality.

Mitt Romney has more money to spend than he has pathways to victory in the 2012, and that is the real reason why Republicans went on a Pennsylvania spending spree in the waning days of this election.

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