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Romney’s Worst Nightmare Comes True, the Media Reports He’s Losing

On Meet The Press, Chuck Todd debunked Romney’s Pennsylvania spin by pointing out that the Republican is going there because he is losing in Ohio and Wisconsin.

Here is the video:

Todd broke down the map as it currently stands, “He could lose Ohio, Iowa, and Pennsylvania and he could get there. The problem is, Wisconsin is looking like a state, it’s a same day voter registration state. So then if you look at it that way, he needs one of these others. In Ohio, if you believe the two-point race there, that would put him over. So that’s why, what explains if you will, David, why Romney is going to Pennsylvania because if you only — if you take away Pennsylvania, he’s only got two routes and Ohio and Wisconsin both seem to be a little where he’s behind.”


The media is seeing through the Romney campaign’s spin, and starting to move away from the toss up/it could go either way talking points that GOP desperately needs to keep alive through election day. The reality is that Romney has not made up any ground in Wisconsin or Ohio. This does not mean that those states are out of play, or that President Obama has the election locked up. It does mean that Romney is behind in critical states on the final weekend before the election.

Romney knows he is losing. Despite conservative billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife trying to provide him political cover for his trip into Pennsylvania by claiming that the state is too close to call, the reality is that Mitt Romney isn’t coming to Pennsylvania because it is a swing state.


He is going to be campaigning there because he wagered all of his chips on Ohio, and so far, that bet isn’t looking like a winner.

The Romney campaign was able to fool a desperately wanting-to-be-fooled media for weeks with their Romentum talk after the first presidential debate, but with less than two days before voters will cast their ballots, the numbers tell a story of a close election that is moving towards the incumbent.

The media has caught on to the poison narrative that the Romney campaign is desperately trying to spin away. When someone as inside the Beltway as Chuck Todd says he is losing, Romney’s not only losing votes. He is also losing the media battle.


It is important to remember that elections aren’t held after the first presidential debate, or on the the weekend before. Presidential elections are held on the first Tuesday in November. The only polls that count are the ones where voters are and will be casting their ballots.

If you want this polling and momentum to become a reality, you must go vote.


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