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Obama Calls Out Romney for ‘Changing the facts when they’re inconvenient to your campaign’

Since Mitt Romney keeps promising “change”, he forced the President to do some more explaining about what change really is. At a grassroots rally in Columbus, Ohio, the President said, “Changing the facts when they’re inconvenient to your campaign – that’s definitely not change.”

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PRESIDENT OBAMA: Here’s the thing, Ohio – we know what change looks like. And what he’s selling ain’t it. Giving more power back to the biggest banks is not change. Another $5 trillion tax cut favoring the wealthy, not change. Refusing to answer questions about the details of your policies until after the election – that’s definitely not change. That’s an old trick. Ruling out compromise by pledging to rubber stamp the Tea Party’s agenda in Congress – not change. Changing the facts when they’re inconvenient to your campaign – that’s definitely not change.

You can tell the President is feeling confident and that a little of Clinton’s explaining has rubbed off on him finally. Obama has always been a great thinker and orator, but he suffered the first four years due to his tendency to project his own level of intelligence onto the nation. It’s not that the nation is stupid (well, okay), but that deep, nuanced thinking doesn’t go over well in the world of sound bites.

It seems that spending some time with former President Clinton, who is excellent at breaking things down in a way that resonates with people, has paid off especially in this past week. Obama has managed to simplify and explain. That bodes well for his next four years, if he’s reelected, because the one of his biggest downfalls in the first term was his assumption that people understood what was going on– not wanting to talk down to people. Clinton showed him that it’s not talking down to people; it’s informing people.

Imagine what Obama can do armed with this new skill, together with his policy achievements.

Sarah Jones

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