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Former bin Laden Hideout Pakistan is the Only Country that Prefers Romney

In a poll of countries around the world, President Obama is preferred to Romney in 20 of the 21 countries polled. The Romney holdout? Pakistan.

A 21 nation poll for BBC World Services for GlobeScan conducted between July 3-September 3 polled 21,797 people around the world and found that 50% would prefer to see President Obama reelected, while a scant 9% for Mitt Romney.

That doesn’t bode well for Romney’s promises to elevate our standing from the fictional “Obama apology tour” that never was. Of course, Romney knows apologies well, as he was forced to apologize for his foolish behavior in Britain during the Olympics, and grovel he did. Why, he even gave a presser to clarify things and you know things are bad when Romney is willing to speak at the press. His other preferred pressers come when he thinks the time is ripe to politicize a tragedy. This might explain why 65% of the UK want to see the President reelected.

In France, home to scary socialism like healthcare for all and pain au chocolat, they prefer Mr. Obama by 72%. Only 2% want to see Mr. Romney in the White House.

Not to fear a total routing for Mr. Romney, Pakistan is in his corner with 14% who want to see him elected to just 11% for Obama. Close. But Romney gets Pakistan.

How will Mitt Romney make the case that he will work with our allies when they don’t want him to be president? Maybe he can make nice with the Pakistanis. They probably got word that he wasn’t interested in getting Osama and figured he’d be easier to deal with than Obama.

While support for Obama is in line with what the world felt for him in 2008, his right wing fictional home country of Kenya is less enthusiastic, as is China (among four total). China must be looking forward to being labeled a trade manipulator on Day One of a Romney presidency. How great would a trade war with China be for our economy!? Right? In truth, China clearly knows that Mitt Romney is all talk and as his own son told Putin last week, doesn’t mean the things he says on the campaign trail. No one is afraid of Mitt Romney. He’s a weak man with one driving motivation — personal profit. Very easy to manipulate.

The world prefers Obama. Thus, according to right wing logic, the world sucks. Hard to figure how right wingers can take such a belligerent attitude to the rest of the world and yet support someone who keeps his money stashed around the world and whose son was in Russia doing business sending secret messages to Putin last week. But Kenya!

The world does not want us to change horses. No doubt they can hardly figure what’s wrong with us that this race was ever close.

If I were a right winger and the shoe was on the other foot, I’d say the terrorists want Romney to win. But that would be so unfair. The poll shows that many in Pakistan had no opinion on who wins our election and the terrorists probably don’t really care who gets elected — so long as the only man who actually bothered to track them down isn’t re-elected.

Here’s a breakdown by country – click on image to enlarge:

Images: GlobeScan

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