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Rush Limbaugh Claims Everything but Polling and Voting Points to a Romney Landslide

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 02:47 pm

Um, Rush Obama wasn’t the first trillionaire president.

Rush Limbaugh is predicting a landslide win for Mitt Romney based on everything but the data on polling and voting. Limbaugh claims Romney is heading for a big win if we don’t consider the whole voting thing.

Here is the transcript:

My friends, I’ve been looking at all the data that you have been looking at. I’ve been trying to separate feelings from thoughts and come up with some sort of an educated prognostication. You know, common sense tells me this election isn’t gonna be close and shouldn’t be. And yet every poll, every single poll, has this race tied. Obama’s up one, down one, tied, doesn’t matter where you go, ’til you get into the internals, then it gets really confusing or it doesn’t make any sense.

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I’m just gonna be honest with you, for the longest time — and you people that have been regular listeners know this. I have said that as we get down to the election, the polls are gonna reflect what’s really gonna happen because the pollsters want to get it right for the future. That has not happened. It has not happened. There’s not one poll that gives either candidate an edge, not one pollster is willing to stick his neck out here. They’re all saying that this is tied, every which way from Sunday, at least in the overall popular vote, national surveys. Now, when you get into the internals it looks a little odd, and we’re gonna do that here at the beginning.

There’s also something that, I guarantee you if a football game had a different outcome yesterday, you would be hearing nothing but this today. But since the Washington Redskins lost at home on a game before the election, it means, what is it,18 of the last 19 elections, that the out-of-power party wins. Honest, it’s called the Redskins Rule, and it’s so well known you can look it up on Wikipedia. In the 18 presidential elections that have taken place since the Redskins moved to Washington in 1937, 17 have been predicted by the team’s performance at its final home game prior to the election.

If the Redskins win at home, the incumbent party wins the presidential race, 17 out of 18 times going back to 1940. If the Redskins lose at home, the challenger prevails. Well, the Redskins lost to the Carolina Panthers. That means Romney wins. I guarantee you, if the Redskins had won the game, that’s all you would be seeing on the media today. I guarantee you. You can’t find it anywhere. It’s only because I know the Redskins Rule that I was looking this up, and I did see a little blurb in one of the pregame shows before the football game started yesterday. I just saw a tail end of the blurb and I wasn’t sure so I went and looked it up, and that is what it is.


This is Paul Bedard in the Washington Examiner. “Romney Winning Independents 59%-35%.” That is 24 points. Twenty-four points, Romney up independents! Folks, we’re talking major landslide if that’s true, and yet it’s a CNN poll that shows Democrats plus 11 and the race tied at 49-49. NBC/Wall Street Journal final national poll: Obama 48, Romney 47. Romney leads independents by seven. The sample is Democrat plus two.

Rush Limbaugh’s point was that if we don’t consider the polls or the early voting preferences gathered from them, Mitt Romney is heading for a landslide. Spin doesn’t get much more desperate that what Limbaugh put out there today.

Limbaugh went on a long winded quest to try to explain why every single state poll is wrong and biased. He rambled on about skewed polls towards Democrats, and how the electorate tomorrow is going to look like 2010, and how Romney is going to win Ohio because they elected Kasich governor in 2010. Limbaugh’s most reliable piece of “data” was the result of the Redskins game.

The right still isn’t willing to accept the reality that Mitt Romney is an 85% underdog to win tomorrow. There is going to be no Romney landslide. Rush Limbaugh is still feeding his listeners the Kool-Aid, and reaffirming their allergy to facts by claiming that all of the data that has been collected is wrong. In Limbaugh land, there are really a lot more Republicans than Democrats in the country, and they are going to carry Mitt Romney to a landslide victory. Richard Nixon’s silent majority has been replaced by Mitt Romney’s invisible one.

According to Rush Limbaugh, if we ignore facts, reality, data, and how voters tell us that they voted/plan on voting, Romney is lock for the White House. If people didn’t actually vote to determine the next president, Romney would be a shoo-in.

Republican rejection of reality is nothing new. If President Obama wins reelection, the nation should prepare for an meltdown of epic proportions from the right. After all, these people still think that Mitt Romney is going win in a landslide, so if Obama wins, reality is about to give them a punch in the gut should send them reeling for months.

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