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Jon Stewart Rips Dick Morris and Calls the Right’s Favorite Pundit, ‘The King of Wrong Mountain.’

Jon Stewart ripped pundits in general for their lack of accountability, but he saved some special scorn for Dick Morris. Stewart called Morris the, ‘king of wrong mountain.’

Here is the video:

Stewart was mocking the fact that cable and network news pundits have been all over the map with their presidential election predictions, when he came to Dick Morris who he called, “king of wrong mountain.” Stewart took Morris to task for his prediction that he would have to go through a day of reckoning if his prediction that Romney will win by 5 points, and get over 300 electoral votes was wrong. The Daily Show host said, “No, you won’t, and they won’t. Because you’re pundits, you live in a reckoning-free zone. One thing we learned is that punditry is like musical chairs. The only difference is, in musical chairs, when the music stops, nobody ever moves the chair. They just keep adding more chairs.”

Dick Morris has been labeled the world’s worst political pundit, because he is so consistently and utterly wrong. If Dick Morris predicts an election, the odds are good that the exact opposite will happen. (This is very good news for President Obama, because Dick Morris has been predicting a Romney landslide.) According to Morris, the election is already over. Contrary to the actual polling, he claimed that Obama has already lost Florida, Virginia, and Colorado. It should be noted that the polling consensus is that the president leads Virginia and Colorado, while Florida is a dead heat.

Morris has become the anti-Nate Silver. When the numbers and statistics look depressing for Republicans, they can always count on Dick Morris to cheer them up with predictions and numbers that appear to have absolutely no basis in reality. In this respect, Morris is the perfect right wing counter to Silver’s model. Republicans have already rejected the science and math that Silver has based his model on, and have substituted the absurd predictions of Dick Morris. The Dick Morris model is to say anything that the right wants to hear. As long as the check clears, Dick Morris will say whatever you want.

If pundits were judged based on their record of accuracy, Dick Morris would have been fired long ago. But Morris isn’t really a pundit, he is like many other snakeoil salesmen who populate conservative media. Morris figured that there is a damn lucrative living to be made by telling the Fox News crowd exactly what they want to hear. Morris doesn’t care if he is right or wrong. For him, it’s all about telling the paying customer what they want to hear.

Jon Stewart was correct. Pundits should be held accountable, but even better there should be less punditry on the news. Instead of wasting 10-20 minutes an hour talking to someone who is guessing about what might happen, they could actually be reporting the news. The odds of this happening are small, because news has been deemed too boring to generate profit. What we are left with are clowns like Dick Morris who will keep the partisan folks at home feeling good while they line their pockets based on their ability to make bs taste like chocolate cake.

Dick Morris thinks Romney is going to win big, which means that Barack Obama is probably sitting pretty for reelection.

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