4 More Years: Obama Triumphs Over Romney Lies and Republican Hate

Last updated on February 7th, 2013 at 05:30 pm

Racism, lies, and four years of endless obstruction were not enough to stop Barack Obama from winning a second term.

With the news that President Obama won the state of Ohio, the Republican dreams of turning him into a one term president went up in smoke. In the end, it turned out that the Obama campaign had this election nailed the whole time. Everything Mitt Romney predicted would occur on election day never came close to occurring.

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The Obama campaign has been saying for weeks that they had the math on their side, and they turned out to be 100% correct. Everything the Obama campaign said would happen turned out to be true. The Obama campaign thought that they would win Ohio. They thought they would win Iowa. They tried to tell the media that Romney’s momentum was a myth. The electoral map is looking exactly the way the Obama campaign said it would. Romney predicted turnout would look like 2010, but it turned out looking like 2008.

President Obama overcame racism, hate, and lies. He defeated a Republican obsession with turning him into a one term president. He was victorious over a Republican House that obstructed everything he did. In the end the Republicans bet on keeping America angry at Obama, and they lost big.

The right will turn the result of this election into a dissection of Mitt Romney, but in reality, this election was decided by Obama’s strengths. As a second term president presiding over an economic recovery, Obama should now get the credit that he so richly deserves.

It wasn’t Barack Obama who won. Our country won. The politics of big money and cynicism were roundly defeated tonight. America rejected the corporate billionaires and their Citizens United dollars. They rejected Fox News narratives, birtherism, and the tea party.

America believes in Barack Obama, because he believes in us.

Here’s to an excellent four more years.

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