Binders of Women Bring Down the GOP’s Pro Rape Senate Candidates

The Republican rape triplets running for the senate took a big hit last night.

Todd Akin of legitimate rape shuts down pregnancies infamy, Tom Smith who compared rape to unwed motherhood, and Richard Mourdock who felt pregnancies resulting from rape were a gift from God all met their political demise in last night’s election. Sen. Clair McCaskill beat Todd Akin 55-49 in Missouri, Tom Smith lost to Sen. Bob Casey 54-45 in Pennsylvania and Joe Donnelly beat Richard Mourdock 50-44 in Indiana. Goodbye to rape is a gift, legitimate rape can’t cause a pregnancy and rape is like unwed motherhood.

Women elected the President 55-42. So much for the belief that the war on women wasn’t real. As an example of how women’s issues may have played a part in the win on a state level, the Romney camp thought they would get Virginia, but in Virginia Republicans came after women’s rights with a vengeance and the state went for Obama. It turned out that a pro-choice message in Virginia was a win in a state where that seemed unlikely just a year ago.

Not only did the rape triplets get rejected, but several women made it into the Senate where they can have a real impact for progressives. And not just any women — but very liberal women who bring with them the winds of real change. Prior to the 2012 election, we had 17 women in the Senate. We will now have a record high level of women serving in the Senate.

Liberals won big in the Senate with three of the women ushered in last night. Democrat and very progressive fighter for the middle class Elizabeth Warren won her Senate seat in Massachusetts. In Wisconsin, Democrat Tammy Baldwin won over Tommy Thomspon. Ms. Baldwin is the first openly gay, non-incumbent to win in the Senate and she also once signed a petition to impeach Dick Cheney. Democrat Mazie Hirono won in Hawaii, and she’s a Buddhist. It will be interesting to see how they impact the Senate.

New Hampshire now has the first all-female congressional delegation and a female governor, with Ann McLane Kuster (D) and Carol Shea-Porter (D) winning seats in the House and Maggie Hassan (D) winning the gubernatorial race.

Marriage equality measures passed in Maine and Maryland, which relates to women’s freedom as both are civil rights issues; personal freedom for all is the goal.

Binders full of women went to the polls and made their voices heard. The message? They intend to maintain their liberty and work to expand freedom for all. Neither dirty SuperPAC money nor weeping about rape’s gifts from God swayed the voters.

Republicans spent the last two years legislating to restrict women’s freedom instead of working on jobs. They got routed last night for trying to restrict the rights of Americans. Backlash is putting it mildly.

NOW President Terry O’Neill issued a statement saying in part, “We call for an immediate and unconditional end to the war on women that has been waged by right-wing extremists for too long now.”

The country is clearly moving to the left demographically. It remains to be seen whether or not the GOP will get the message in the mandate. Reality is not a value in the modern day Republican Party.

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