After Getting His Ass Kicked By Obama, Paul Ryan Tries to Boss Around Barack

Showing that he learned absolutely nothing from getting his ass kicked on Election Day, Paul Ryan returned to the House to whine about Obama’s leadership and boss around the president.

In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Ryan went back to his old talking point that Obama needs to show leadership,

Ryan said he and others “want to make sure that we fix this in a way that doesn’t hurt the economy. We’ve put out ideas. The House Republicans have put out specific solutions. The president and the Senate have yet to do that. In order to get things done, in order to reach common ground, both sides need to put out, not just rhetoric, but specific ideas on the table. Then you negotiate. We’re hopeful that the president will begin to show some leadership on this and some other issues so that we can begin to get common ground.”

Asked if increased revenue could be part of the solution to the deficit, Ryan said, “Yes, you can increase revenues without having to raise tax rates. Our fear is that if you raise tax rates you hurt economic growth. You hurt small businesses. So through tax reform you can get higher revenues without damaging the economy. We think that’s the better way to go.”

Paul Ryan got clobbered by Obama across the country. He and his ideas couldn’t carry his home state. Ryan even lost in his own hometown. Yet, Rep. Ryan believes his in a position to tell the president what to do.

Rep. Ryan doesn’t seem to understand that has zero leverage here. He didn’t lose a push up contest. He and his ideas were on the ballot, and were soundly defeated by the American people. Paul Ryan wants to pretend that he wasn’t damaged by the sinking of the USS Romney, but he has the captain’s right hand man as the ship went down.

The myth of policy wonk Paul Ryan was widely debunked. Ryan was revealed to be a numbers guy who doesn’t have any numbers. Outside of Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan is the last person on earth who should even be attempting to tell Obama what to do.

What Ryan doesn’t get is that there aren’t going to be any intense negotiations this time.

Here is some math that even Paul Ryan can understand. Either he and the other extremists in the House give the president a tax hike on the wealthy, or the Bush tax cuts will be allowed to expire and Ryan and his party will have raised taxes on every American.

Paul Ryan’s opinion is no longer relevant to this conversation, so it would be best for the little boy who helped keep Wisconsin blue, to go find a nice corner, lick his wounds, and keep his mouth closed.

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