Georgia GOP Believes the UN is Using Mind Control to Take Over the US

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 02:21 am

This should be Exhibit “A” at the next  GOP meeting to try and figure out why they just got shellacked in the last election.

If you’ve just been shown the door by the Georgia Tea Party for being too extreme, where might you turn for your next speaking engagement? If you’re peddling conspiracy theories about cold war era mind control techniques, just ring up the Georgia GOP’s top leadership, of course,  including Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers. The list of the Majority Leader’s enemies will surprise anyone who believes Georgia’s Republican leadership stands arm-in-arm with the business community. It doesn’t.

Majority Leader Chip Rogers recently hosted a training for Georgia’s GOP senators on “Agenda 21.” Remember the name – there are no doubt fringy believers in your state, too. Rogers held the meeting at the Georgia Capitol to talk about Pres. Obama’s “war on the suburbs.” Among the co-conspirators in this war: the Georgia Chamber, the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Urban Land Institute.

But what’s even more surprising and, frankly, very hard to believe is why these civic groups are on Majority Leader Rogers’ enemies list.

The quick answer: the United Nations is using Soviet-era mind control techniques to take over the U.S. through these regional groups. Don’t believe me? Here’s video:

Chip Rogers – Conspiracy Theory from Bryan Long on Vimeo.

Chip Rogers – Conspiracy Theory from Bryan Long on Vimeo.

The entire 52 minute video is available here. 

Go ahead and laugh now.

I did, too, when I first heard the conspiracy theory about Agenda 21.

But let me tell you how serious this really is.

Majority Leader Rogers was two votes short of getting this bunk theory approved by the Georgia Senate last session. Two votes.

If his bill had become law, Georgia would have been banned from taking any grants connected with “smart growth,” “sustainable development,” or “historic preservation.”

This bill would have cost Georgia millions of dollars worth of Federal grants and put all public-private projects at risk.

All because Georgia’s Senate Majority Leader and many of his colleagues believe the Georgia Chamber is using U.N. mind control.

And, if you think that this craziness is confined to Georgia, think again. The video presentation used to “train” Georgia lawmakers included a briefing from none other than Dick Morris.

Here and here, you can see copies of the PowerPoint presentations promoting Sen. Rogers’ conspiracy theory. The PowerPoint that lists these groups as promoters of Soviet-style socialism using mind control:

  • Georgia Chamber
  • Atlanta Regional Commission
  • Urban Land Institute
  • Georgia Department for Community Affairs
  • Northwest Georgia Regional Commission
  • Developers
  • Construction firms

Read that list and let it sink in for a minute.

Majority Leader Rogers is teaching the GOP Senate Leadership that these groups are a threat to the nation.

I think Majority Leader Rogers has proven himself unfit to serve. He should resign. Now.

Amy Morton

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