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Benghazi Gate Deflates as Republicans Abandon Fox and Grasp Reality

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 02:16 am

Today, after former CIA Director General Petraeus very slowly explained to confused, befuddled Republicans what everyone in the world already knew, they saw the light. Yes, I called the fail this morning but who knew it would be so sudden and decisive.

It turns out that the intelligence report sent to Congress that Ambassador Rice also based her talking points on was just that. The report was approved by the CIA. Later they changed their assessment.

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Even Rep. Peter King (R-NY) sees the light now, leaving just dodgy John McCain and the gotta-impress-his-base for his upcoming election Lindsey Graham hysterically clutching tinfoil.

Per Think Progress:

KING: They were not involved — it was done, the process was completed and they said, “Ok go with those talking points.” Again it’s interagency — I got the impression that 7, 8, 9 different agencies.

Q: Did he give you the impression that he (Petraeus) was upset it was taken out?


Q: You said the CIA said “OK” to the revised report –

KING: No, well, they said in that, after it goes through the process, they OK’d it to go. Yeah, they said “Okay for it to go.”

King sounded rather awed. Yes, imagine that, 7-9 different agencies trying to determine what happened and what they can say in an unclassified statement that the entire world, including any suspected terrorists, will hear.

I mean, gosh darn it, you COULD rush out there and out a CIA base like Republicans did. On the other hand, actual professionals might take time combing over a statement carefully and cautiously. As the investigation continued, they might even come to a different conclusion! It’s like the facts might lead them in a new direction. While perhaps unthinkable to the cowboy class, it’s how the rules of evidence work.

King could have avoided his “confusion” by simply reading the intelligence report sent to Congress, which had the same talking points as Ambassador Rice’s statement. But we all know Republicans have no time for reading, what with their TV appearances decrying the lack of information on Benghazi taking up so much of their taxpayer-funded time.

Rush Limbaugh even admitted that he got the Petraeus conspiracy wrong.

So dies another effort by Republicans to give legs to a Fox-manufactured conspiracy theory – oh, and the millions of taxpayer dollars being wasted on assisting Republicans with their eventual collision with reality.

Only Fox News is still at it, hunting for nuggets of cray-cray under the disintegrating talking points of Karl Rove’s financial failures, desperately hoping to drum up grounds for impeachment.

Meanwhile, President Obama is not suffering from the surreal efforts of Republicans to pin their fictional “worse than Watergate” cover up on him. In fact, his approval rating gained three points to a now 58% approval since the election. However, “Americans’ opinions of the Republican Party remain more negative than positive, with 43% having a favorable and 50% an unfavorable view of the GOP.”

Welcome to reality boys. We hope you might stay a while this time.

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