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GOP ReBiblicans Swept Congressional Races Virtually Unnoticed


After compiling results of “wins” and “losses” that reveal virtually unnoticed and unreported victories of an frighteningly overwhelming number of ReBiblican candidates – we have finally launched the map. It is designed for quick view. You can hover over the map and see results for Dems and ReBibs, and then you can click on the map for any state and it will pull up a page with corresponding summary information on each candidate which again, will show you who won and lost. I have used visual icons next to their names to indicate which “party” won each seat in congress and they look like the following:

Designates Democratic wins

Designates ReBiblican wins


The results should stun you into a different sense than the euphoria we have all enjoyed since the Election on November 6, 2012. While I celebrate and applaud all of you who did vote so that we can bask in this glow of victory not only for President Obama and Vice President Biden, but for the legalization of gay marriage and marijuana usage in several states. Yes, these wins for us do indicate a move toward progressive ideals in America… BUT…

Conservative America and their leaders that include Christian Dominionists and uber-wealthy plutocrats were humiliated in the 2012 election cycle and don’t think for a minute that they are going to take this lying down. No-sirree! They are already behind smoke-filled closed doors praying and strategizing about how to not only come back – but come back with a vengeance!This is an image of the map that I created which is not intereactive here due to web site licensing restrictions but I urge you to go to God’s Own Party? dot com and search all the information that we have made available with a simple click.

Even a glance at this image where majority wins by ReBiblicans are represented in Kryptonite green and majority Democrat wins are in blue – it gives you a dramatic at-a-glance story of ReBiblican wins in 2012 Congressional races. Keep in mind though, that even in the blue states where Democrats won a majority there were still significant ReBiblican wins.

Add to all this the childish, irresponsible and reprehensible acts by their business supporters who are laying off employees, imposing hiring freezes and even reducing wages and benefits – demonstrates a tantrum that is just getting started. Their cold disregard for how these faux retaliatory actions have on their employees and their families only places an exclamation point on the robotic mannerisms by Mitt Romney evidenced by his outrageous moment of greed and self-protectionism when he cancelled the credit cards of campaign workers on election night after it was pronounced dead but before it even had a chance to turn cold. I honestly have no words for that action…and it is rare when I am stunned into silence…even momentarily.

As I listen to conservative talk radio hosts and pundits rail about how there just weren’t enough white votes to counter the women, African American, Latino and liberal special interest votes it only reminds me that this is going to get ugly. The desperate need to re-brand the GOP is happening as I write and these people – though a minority – are not going to admit defeat. They will come back louder, more boisterous, more aggressively and pinning their paranoia and fear in biblical mandate. Watch for what I have written about for years, the destruction of the Republican Party and the emergence of the Constitution Party that more aptly reflects the real politics of these faux republicans. The true ReBiblican Party. Many are unaware that the CP actually had candidates run in 2010 and in 2012 in some states. Mark my words, they will achieve national level prominence in 2014.

I sign off with this, we no longer have simple partisan politics in America anymore. It is not Democrat vs. Republican – it is Freedom vs. Theocracy/Plutocracy. We must pay attention. Enjoy the White House win, but do not be lulled into a sense of comfort. I am not trying to be an alarmist, just a realist. I have been raised by a Dominionist mother, researched the extremism of people like her, worked as a lobbyist on the state level in Alaska with bi-partisan respect, recognized that Sarah Palin’s nomination for Vice President was shocking and have since devoted my waking hours to defeating the marriage of religion and politics.

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