Rupert Murdoch Spews More Fox Style Evil In Tweets about Jewish Owned Press

Rupert Murdoch’s tweets about “Jewish owned press” explain a lot.

So, the guy who dishes up media driven ethnocentricity for a living tweeted this yesterday:

The backlash on Twitter got a bit testy, so Rupert had a thought and then tweeted this apology today. To wit, the non-apology apology that moved the goal posts:

Yes, Rupert, because it was the non-existing reporter inference that was troubling.

Others got it right away:

Allow me to jog Rupert’s memory. Remember when screenwriter Joe Eszterhas accused the already scandal ridden Mel Gibson of saying, “You said most ‘gatekeepers’ of American companies were ‘Hebes’ who ‘controlled their bosses.'” The reasons this helped do Gibson in might be worthy of pondering for Murdoch.

This may be difficult for Rupert to grasp, seeing as he runs the network on which liberals are referred to as various forms of unworthy evil, but dehumanizing people and suggesting they are evilly controlling a segment of industry like, say, banking or in this case, the media, has a bad history.

Propaganda that demonizes the other for having some alleged power they are using for bad purposes has been used for great evil.

The good news for Rupert is that the brainwashed rubes who watch Fox in America will never question him or his alliances, and the people who are on to him have now discovered just how toxic he’s been for the Republican Party.

It’s safe to say that no one in American media is going to come after Rupert too hard for being a bigot. After all, our media is too busy kissing his toe lint; also known as Fox News. Remember when the networks circled around poor Fox News after the Obama administration had the nerve to call them out as not a real news source? The American media is afraid of Murdoch, not because of Fox News but because of the larger, global entities under News Corporation (film, television, cable, magazines, newspapers, publishing, etc.). Like attracts like and corporate dominance is the ultimate alpha male.

At any rate, surely Murdoch faces larger problems than being branded a bigot.

Rupert is doing what Rupert does; playing the ref. The “media” is by and large owned by corporations, not people or families. But as usual when it comes to Rupert, facts are not the issue. Rupert is attempting to push back on the media in order to get whatever outcome he deems suitable to his agenda.

And as we all know, Rupert takes the most offense not to ideology, but to reality. Rupert Murdoch’s iron clad grasp on global media is threatened by reality based or even nuanced reporting (since I don’t know what he was objecting to specifically — it appears that he does not either — I am not defending any specific reporting; rather just noting what his agenda might be). Furthermore, as someone with controlling interests in global media, his complaints about “media” bias should be met with the scorn befitting the King of Propaganda.

Offensive? Yes. Dangerous? Yes. Reality based? Of course not.

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