Bizarre GOP Thanksgiving Pics Make America Ask, ‘What’s wrong with these people?’

First John McCain’s wife posted a picture to Twitter in which there appears to be some kind of puppet/fake man/ghost hiding in a tree behind the Senator as he prepares to fry the turkey, and then today Mitt Romney posted a bizarre photo on Facebook from their family Thanksgiving in which a shiveled looking Mitt is leaning on an allegedly cooking Ann Romney.

Just odd.

These people are odd.

Check it out. John McCain’s Thanksgiving photo, as posted by BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski (who, we assume, added the yellow box around the tree creature):

To which Jake Tapper (‏@jaketapper) replied, “@BuzzFeedAndrew surely youre familiar with Hemingway’s The Old Man In the Tree.”

Careful, Jake, invitations to the ranch might go missing! In case you can’t believe it, Cindy McCain first tweeted it here.

From a distance I can’t tell Cindy McCain apart from Ann Romney; lots of red dresses and very blonde hair. I fear they feel entitled to privilege, but it’s not my job to worry about the 2% who will never take responsibility for themselves. They are so easily bought off with gifts! Oh, I kid the 2%. We are all blonde now.

Then we have the Romney Thanksgiving, in which it appears that Mitt Romney has just stumbled out of bed without combing his hair, and yet dinner has apparently been under way for a while. The chaos is such that these two have open cabinet doors behind them:

h/t Talking Points Memo

Bizarre, no? Let’s face it, there are questions that must be answered here. For instance, if you are the kind of person who leaves the cabinet doors open, then you also tend to be the kind of person who leaves your used towel strewn on the counter, not folded. I have serious questions about TowelGate. Must convene a special committee. Maybe John McCain’s Old Man in a Tree can lead the charge.

But maybe it’s just a real life Martha Stewart Thanksgiving with “aspirational” warmth! Yes that must be it, because no stylist worth their salt would have let Mitt pose in that shirt with what could look like sweat stain under the armpit. And their eyes look genuinely unguarded. So maybe the Romneys are just super casual. Mitt’s recent gas station appearance did have the same kind of slightly deranged appeal — a real up, in my opinion, from the cold smugness of candidate Romney.

Ann looks happier than she did during the entire campaign. She looks warmly disheveled, while Mitt — the leaning leader of dependency — looks like he would happily dive into Ann and never emerge. Maybe Mitt just finished having “fun” pushing his grandson’s face into butter. Good times!

Who knows what goes on there — the one thing I am sure of is that I’m concerned about the way Mitt leans on Ann. All of the time and in this picture. Seriously giving thanks now.

So, from our last two failed Republican Presidential candidates, Thanksgiving brought us the Old Man in the Tree and the leaning, uncombed Mitt in the sterile white kitchen with the open cabinet doors but folded towels. America has questions!

Any guesses what’s in John’s tree and why? I’ve got $10,000 on it being the ghost of John McCain past, back when I’m told he stood for something.

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