Jon Stewart Outs John McCain as a Bitter Old F**k Who Can’t Let 2008 Go

Jon Stewart went to the root of John McCain’s opposition to Susan Rice, and concluded that McCain a crotchety old f**k who is completely unable to get over his loss to Obama in 2008.

Here is the video from The Daily Show:

Jon Stewart took apart Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham’s statements after their meeting with Susan Rice and said, “Here’s the deal. They may be right, but on the scale on public misstatements Rice’s comments seem to fall more towards the embarrassing evidence of institutional disorganization at the end of the scale. But here’s the thing, these two don’t get to be the ones to self righteously get angry about this. They’re upset that she might have passed bad intel willingly or un to the American people. Remember these two from a decade ago?”

(Clips of McCain and Graham touting the Iraq WMD intel).

Stewart continued, “I remember all that from their hit blog, Sh*t Old Guys Who Unnecessarily Get Us Into Wars Say. Of course, that’s not a one to one comparison. It’s not really a fair comparison. Because while Susan Rice admitted to the error within weeks, these two still refuse to acknowledge that invading a country based on information from a source named Curveball was actually considered a pretty sh*t idea by many at the time. If only we had a more direct comparison to make here. Sort of a one to one. Like another high ranking government official passing what they knew at the time was misleading intelligence to the American public. On a Sunday news show. Also in line to become Secretary of State, and was African American, and woman, and let’s say her name was also Rice. That’d be something.

(Video of Condi Rice’s infamous Iraq nuclear program statements.) Stewart continued, “She know that was bullsh*t at the time. What would a John McCain or a Lindsey Graham say about a woman like that’s qualifications for Secretary of State? (Video of Graham and McCain defending Rice’s character and qualifications.)

Stewart played a clip of McCain blaming lingering bitterness from the 2000 campaign for the criticism of Rice, and then asked, “Oh, I’m sure it will. What kind of crotchety, Gran Torinoish old f**k would be completely unable to get over a simple election loss?”

There have been a lot theories floated as to why Republicans are going after Susan Rice so hard. Everything from they are looking for a scandal to derail Obama’s second term with to they want John Kerry to be Secretary of State so that Scott Brown can run in, and most likely win, another Senate race in Massachusetts has been suggested as a possible reason why the GOP is working so hard to make something out of nothing.

But when it comes to Graham and McCain, I think Jon Stewart nailed it. McCain has never been able to get over losing the 2008 election to Obama. He is carrying a grudge, and in the process making a total ass of himself in order to prove to the country that they should have elected him in 2008. Sarah Palin has caught a lot of flak for this same type of behavior, while the mainstream media has let their darling McCain off the hook.

John McCain is trying to sabotage a qualified potential nominee for Secretary of State, because he is still pissed that enough of you didn’t vote for him in 2008.

Mitt Romney’s loss appears to have sent John McCain into fit of Obama hate PTSD, and people are starting to catch on.

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